NTG Logistics AB (SE): "I especially appreciate that we don't end up in a support queue."

NTG Logistics AB uses Ongoing WMS

NTG Logistics AB, a member of NTG Nordic Transport Group, a leading transport group headquartered in Denmark, is a logistics service provider specialized in 3PL/ Third-party logistics, distribution and forwarding.

Company: NTG Logistics AB, Sweden

Business Activities: 3PL, distribution, and forwarding

Why Ongoing WMS? "Ongoing offered what we needed and we saw opportunities to grow in Ongoing WMS, without costs spiraling. The compliance and the possibility of deviations from routines at the goods owner level also played a significant role in the choice."

How the Product is Used: "Ongoing is used as the central engine in our operation. We have connected Ongoing to our ERP and shipping platform to reduce manual interventions as much as possible. All invoices related to storage and handling are therefore created in Ongoing. The connection to our shipping platform means that the goods owner can easily go in and see relevant shipping data at the order level if desired."

Biggest Advantages: "Since our customers together cover a very wide area of industries they operate in, it is impossible to have a setup that works for everyone. This is where one of Ongoing's strong points comes forward, namely how adaptable everything is. We have encountered a lot of requirements, wishes, and ideas over the years that we previously had to say no to, but which we can now actually offer our customers with Ongoing WMS, as we can make major changes in the system, but only affecting one goods owner. Furthermore, we are very satisfied with the simple interface and the short onboarding time for administration, customers, and warehouse staff. It is easy to recognize oneself and navigate in the system, which in turn increases the overall efficiency and lowers our lead times."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "This has worked beyond all expectations. No matter what kind of silly ideas I've had, I have, with their help, managed to reach my goals, even when the lead time has been extremely short at times. What I especially appreciate is that you don't end up in a support queue only to get help a week or two later. Here, in 9 cases out of 10, we have a solution or an action plan on the table before the day is over."

Contact: Skipper Jørgensen, IT Manager

Published: 2023-11-29