An overview of the different types of software services usually integrated to Ongoing WMS.

Why choose Ongoing WMS?

Largest range of integrations and APIs on the market

Ongoing WMS has a large network of integrations to various common software services such as ecommerce platforms, ERP systems, Delivery Management Software, Transport Management Systems (TMS) and Automation Systems. Our modern APIs make the process of integrating towards Ongoing WMS easy. Read more about our integrations here. See the complete list of ready-made integrations. For more information about our APIs, see our developer site.

Smart features increase warehouse effectiveness

Ongoing WMS has all the features expected from a market leading and highly competent WMS. The service is standardized but easily adjustable depending on how your business operates. There is great flexibility for handling different order flows. Ongoing WMS comes with many standard scanning options which can be implemented according to your products and needs.

Read more about Ongoing WMS’s various features

Software as a Service, get started quickly

Ongoing WMS is built around the business model called Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that customers pay a monthly fee based on number of users. No big investment or time-consuming installation is required to get started. Our customers believe that Ongoing WMS is an easy-to-use software that is intuitive and easy to learn. Our films and manuals allow you to quickly get involved in how Ongoing WMS works. Readymade integrations make the process of getting started much easier and faster.

Personal and effective customer service

All Ongoing customers are assigned a competent and knowledgeable software developer as a personal contact that is easily reached by phone or email. We help you adjust the software so that your business can operate as effectively as possible. 

Read more about what a WMS is and how it can help your business. 

Warehouse worker batch picking in a picking cart with Ongoing WMS

Competent Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive businesses

Over 8000 users handling tens of thousands orders daily make Ongoing WMS the most used cloud-based WMS in Scandinavian and Europe.

Our customers are logistics-intensive companies of all sizes in Scandinavia and rest of Europe. Both companies with their own warehousing and those within the field of 3PL/logistics. Expansive ecommerce businesses are a fast-growing customer group. Learn more about the service and the extensive range of integrations, scanning types, etc. by looking at our manuals and films.

Logos for some of Ongoing Warehouse' reference customers


Over 8000 users handle thousands of order flows in Ongoing WMS daily. Apart from Scandinavia we have customers in more than 25 countries, primarily in Europe. Read what some of our satisfied customers write about us.

"The system is easy to integrate to external systems, we use the API to integrate many of our customers ourselves".

"The implementation of Ongoing WMS was extremely fast. We could basically start working with the system right away". 

"With Ongoing WMS, we are able to handle all order flows paperless".

"The competent support is super important. They can adapt the system according to our needs in just a couple minutes". 

W T Transport Ltd
"Complete visibility to the customer, picking information is available in real time & a great easy to use format".

Aditro Logistics
"Ongoing WMS is easy to use for integrations through API and the necessary adjustments can be done quickly".

“We like Ongoing's fast and competent employees. Furthermore, the system has a sensible pricing”.

Soft Goat
"There were already integrations to both our ERP-system Centra and our Transport Management System Unifaun".

Using Ongoing WMS on a tablet, in a warehouse and on a big screen.

The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing Warehouse for 3PL customers

Companies looking for a 3PL logistics provider contact Ongoing Warehouse with questions about the benefits of outsourcing their warehouse handling to a logistics company using our WMS. We have therefore summarized some pros for you in the text below.

Ongoing Warehouse' main office location next to Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden

Simplifying and Connecting Logistics

Ongoing Warehouse is a fast-growing, Swedish-based, software company that specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies such as 3PL and those managing their own warehousing. Ongoing Warehouse has a strong international presence with customers in thirty plus countries. 


New direct integration with Postnord

There is no longer a need for an intermediary shipping platform when shipping with Postnord with our new integration.


New integration with Sendcloud

Ongoing has added Sendcloud to our set of shipping platform integrations.


Doubling of the office space

We have outgrown our office and are now doubling the space by moving to a second floor.


New logotype and company symbol

Ongoing has updated its logotype and symbol. In the process, the color pallet has also been updated.


Ongoing Warehouse appointed super company

Ongoing Warehouse has been appointed super company by Dun & Bradstreet.


Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse partner up to deliver market-leading logistics for in-house warehousing

The seamless integration between Prime Penguin and Ongoing WMS simplifies ecommerce logistics by creating visibility and control in the warehouse operation.