Ongoing Warehouse is a standardized system with a large number of features developed to suit the needs of logistics intensive companies. All features are included in the monthly fee, and many of them can be adjusted to your and your customers processes. 



It is quick to get started with the system. Our customers - and their customers and partners - think it's an easy-to-use system that is intuitive and easy to learn. Here are some key usability features:

• Web-based/ Cloud-Based
Reach it from anywhere and spend no time or money on installation. It just works.
• Multi site
One system, multiple warehouses, anywhere.
• Multi client/ Managing multiple customers
The core of the system is the ability to use it for several different logistics flows.
• Settings on customer level
Each logistics flow has both shared and differing requirements. Standardize on your specialities or adapt to the customer needs.
• Settings on user level
Administrators, warehouse workers and customers all have different expectations. Adapt the system to the needs of different user groups.
• Multi language
Several different languages available. Each user can use their own language.
• Customized user logins
Extensive rights management. Improve your security by the use of different access rights.
Order Handling

Order Handling

• Inbound delivery with or without inbound order
• Outbound delivery
• Multiple order picking
• Picking carriage
• Partial delivery
• Packing control
• Join delivery
• Return orders
• Deviation management
• Standard or customized picking algorithms
  E.g. FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, prioritize full pallets
• Location suggestions at inbound delivery
• Advice inbound deliveries
• Cross docking

Inventory & goods management

Inventory & goods management

• Stock taking assignments
• Move assignments
• Refill assignments
• Lock stock location
• Lock goods by goods status
• Dynamical and fixed picking locations
• Track & trace
  picker– order, order – goods
• Expiry date
• Batch
• Serial number
Production & Kitting

Production & Kitting

• Add structure of  containing articles
• Create production order
• Produce
 Stock balance counts up for produed articles and down for production material
• Manually or automatically select items for production material
• Kitting
  Stock balance counts down for articles in the kit at picking

Economy & Statistics

Economy & Statistics

• Create customer specific price lists/ Contract management
• Create invoice specifications
• Calculate  invoices from statistics
• Add charges during the invoice period against order, inorder etc.
• Invoicing overview
• Statistics per goods owner
   E.g. number of orders and inorders, stock turnover, invoicing
• Large number of standard reports
• Excel export
• Dashboard
Barcode Scanning


• On any device with Internet access and barcode reader
• Standardized or customized scanning flows
• Inbound scanning
• Outbound scanning
• Move goods scanning
• Stock taking scanning
• Scan GS1/SSCC, EAN, article number, etc
• Handle Batch, expiry date, serial number, lot number, pallet ID

Reports & Documents

Reports & Documents

• Pick list
• Delivery note
• Article label
• Inventory lists
• Invoice specifications
• Pallet label/ STE-lables
• Location label
• Freight rows
• Printing settings
• Automatic printing

Customer Communication

Customer Communication

• Customer login
    • Real time information
    • Place order
    • Place inorder
    • Customer register
    • Order status
    • Stock balance
    • Historical stock balance
    • Track and Trace
• Mobile-friendly customer login
• Login for Resellers
• Customer notification emails



In order to create highly efficient logistics flows, you are able to connect Ongoing WMS with other systems, such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning systems), web shops and transport systems. The purpose of an integration is to reduce the amount of manual labor, reduce lead times, and reduce the risk of errors. Read more about our integrations here.

• Standardized REST API, SOAP API and Aotomation API
  documented at developer page
• Web shops
• ERP systems
• Transport administration systems
• Transport planning systems
• Customs management systems

OngoingCloud (1)

Cloud-based - Software as a Service

Ongoing Warehouse has since the start back in 2008 been using the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), a service delivered through the "Cloud". This means that Ongoing handles hosting, updates and maintenance. Our customers access Ongoing WMS by browser on regular computers and handheld devices such as smartphones, ipads, etc.


Benefits of using Ongoing WMS


  • First user 250 €/month
  • Second user 225 €/month (that is 475 €/month in total for two users)
  • Third user 200 €/month (that is 675 €/month in total for three users)
  • Fourth user 175 €/month (that is 850 €/month in total for four users, etc.)
  • Fifth to tenth user 150 €/month and user
  • Eleventh to 20th user 125 €/month and user
  • 21st and more users 100 €/month and user