Ongoing Warehouse appointed super company

Ongoing Warehouse has been appointed super company by Dun & Bradstreet.

For the seventeenth year in a row, Dun & Bradstreet appoints Sweden's Super Company. A total of 630 companies qualify for the list, a decrease of just over 11 percent from last year.

A number of high criteria must be met to become a Super Company. It is about increasing both sales and profit at the same time as the company must show stability and long-term perspective in the business. The criteria must be met for at least four years in a row to be included in the list.

Published: 2021-11-24

2.0 Prime Penguin - Ongoing-03

Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse partner up to deliver market-leading logistics for in-house warehousing

The seamless integration between Prime Penguin and Ongoing WMS simplifies ecommerce logistics by creating visibility and control in the warehouse operation. 

The Swedish tech companies Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse are a match made in heaven for any e-commerce store looking for a scalable in-house logistics solution. Prime Penguin offers market-leading integration services for e-commerce. Their platform directs order data between multiple online sales channels and warehouses using one single connection in a plug-and-play platform.

Together with Prime Penguin's network of carefully selected third-party logistics (3PL) they offer a truly unique one-stop solution for finding and connecting web shops with efficient fulfillment solutions worldwide. Prime Penguin is pre-integrated with a large number of software services that make up the infrastructure of e-commerce. Among its many connections are platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Big commerce, Quick butik, Wix eCommerce, Starweb, Netbutikk 24  as well as marketplaces.

Together with Ongoing Warehouse’s powerful cloud-based warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS, they now help e-commerce businesses with in-house warehousing solutions. Ongoing WMS offers e-shops an off-the-shelf solution to gain control and increase the efficiency of their logistics. By partnering with Prime Penguin they can offer their software to a vast number of webshops regardless of their current setup. With Prime Penguin taking the lead on flexible integrations, Ongoing Warehouse has a long-term partner to ensure immediate and accurate order flows of data between all systems.

The fast-growing e-commerce player Fotbutiken contacted Ongoing Warehouse to get on top of its logistics operations. They were selling direct to consumers (D2C) through their own store based on the e-commerce platform Quickbutik. While managing their entire warehousing operations in-house. Fotbutiken, like many fast-growing online stores, was operating in several different systems with separate stock balances with processes that required a lot of manual labor.

“We were in need of a robust warehouse management system to automate our operations. We were constantly running low on stock and behind in our forecasting. The lack of structure and access to correct data in our operations led to poor inventory-management, lost sales, and customer support issues.” Says Philip Lexander, CEO and founder of Fotbutiken. 

Ongoing WMS is a smart and cost-efficient solution for logistic intensive companies that can be implemented right away. However, Fotbutiken was operating through multiple Quickbutik shops for each market and required a solution that synchronized and controlled all order flows. Fotbutiken, therefore, contacted Prime Penguin to assist in creating the connections needed to route their aggregated order flows from Quickbutik to their new WMS.

“How the business operates today is a world of difference. Since Ongoing Warehouse and Prime Penguin helped us set up the correct routines and provided us with a long-term solution, we have absolute control. We are now one step ahead and always on top of when to restock. Having full oversight of what is going in and out of the warehouse has really enabled us to grow. Prime Penguin has been a vital part of the setup by providing timely and professional integration expertise. Their platform was an easy and cost-efficient solution to connect all of our sales systems with Ongoing WMS in an efficient flow.” Says Philip Lexander. 

Ongoing Warehouse continues to develop its innovative solutions for logistics-intensive companies and building strong partnerships with industry leaders.

About Ongoing Warehouse

The service Ongoing WMS is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive businesses of all sizes in Scandinavia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Both for companies with their own warehousing like expansive e-commerce businesses and those within the field of 3PL/logistics. 

About Prime Penguin
Prime Penguin is a Stockholm-based, award-winning logistics solution that allows e-shops to connect to the very best 3PL companies in a plug and play procedure. The cloud-based platform of Prime Penguin allows e-commerce companies and brands to have full digital control over their supply chain and all warehouse activities in real-time.

For more information contact:

Fredrik Einarsson -
Mikael Johansson -

Published: 2021-06-03

Blue Robot ASRS

Blue Robot integrates with Ongoing WMS

The Norwegian automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) Blue Robot integrate with Ongoing WMS, using the Ongoing Automation API.

Blue Robot is a cube based state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) for small and medium sized businesses. Installations range from 1.000 bins up to 15.000 bins. The cube can be installed in existing warehouses and does not require anything except from a leveled floor, power, and internet to be installed.

“Using Blue Robot together with Ongoing WMS will be an addition to your existing workflow, not a replacement. The only processes that change are those directly linked to picking from and loading goods into the cube”, says Arnor Jonansson, CEO at Blue Robot.

The integration makes it possible for Blue Robot to retrieve articles and orders from Ongoing automation API and return the result of the picking process. Together, the two systems provide an efficient solution for loading and picking goods. Blue Robots artificial intelligence calculate optimized picking batches based on orders and priority.

“After receiving orders from Ongoing WMS, Blue Robot speeds up the picking process. Bins with goods are presented to the picker and the amount to be picked to each box is clearly shown. The picker takes items from the bin and places them in the correct box for packing and every action is confirmed by using a scanner. Once all order lines are picked from the bin, the bin is automatically returned to the cube and another bin is presented to the picker”, Arnor Jonansson continues.

The integration between Blue Robot and Ongoing WMS was completed about six months ago and it is now a part of the two companies’ standard offerings.

“Blue Robot develops a great automation solution for small and medium size business, and I believe this partnership will benefit us both, as well as many logistic reliant companies that need more automated workflows”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO at Ongoing Warehouse

Fredrik continues “It seems obvious that automation solutions will be used more commonly in warehouses in Scandinavia the following years. Therefore, we have put much effort into developing an automation API that makes it easy for automation solutions to integrate with Ongoing WMS”.  

Blue Robot has made the integration by using the Ongoing Warehouse automation API.

“Integrating to Ongoing WMS has been a very positive experience. We are very impressed in how easy it has been to make the integration. Things that usually takes months or weeks only takes days or hours with Ongoing. It took us only three days to complete the integration, Arnor continues.  

The integration is currently used by the Scandinavian logistics provider Nettvarehotellet who uses Ongoing WMS and Blue Robot.

“We have worked in Ongoing WMS for over two years, and it has helped us improve as a logistic provider in many ways. With Blue Robot we can fulfill as many orders as before, with reduced workforce. The solution is integrated to Ongoing WMS which makes our warehouse operations run very efficiently and automated”, Says Helge Lundeby.    

For more information contact:

Fredrik Einarsson -
Arnor Jonansson -

Published: 2021-05-06

eytys & yayloh

Partnership between Ongoing Warehouse and yayloh return management platform

With Ongoing WMS combined with yayloh return management platform, Eytys creates a fuss-free return journey for everyone involved

yayloh is a Stockholm based startup that has developed a return management software that helps retailers streamline operations by automating return processes as well as reducing returns. Together with the market leading warehouse management system Ongoing WMS, the return management software’s full potential is taken into the warehouse operations for an automated order and return management.     

One of yayloh’s customer is Sweden’s well-known brand, Eytys, which uses Centra to run their online store and Ongoing WMS as warehouse management system at their 3PL. The three software services are seamlessly integrated which allows Eytys’ customer support team and warehouse to have a better overview and processing of the brand’s returns. 

As the warehouse team is informed in advance about all return information, including reason for returns, it allows them to be ready for incoming parcels and prepare to ship out an exchange if needed, making the return process much more effective. Also, as the platform updates in real-time, communication between warehouse and customer support is facilitated. Eytys customer service team can more easily track return status as well as logistics issues and take proactive steps to engage with a disappointed customer. 

On a recent sit down with Eytys eCommerce manager, Louise Reznik, she commented that “yayloh has been the one missing link to understanding the whole flow - from when a customer buys a product to when they choose to return it.“

With the international growth of the clothing brand and the added complexity it brings to managing logistics, it became evident to the Eytys team that they needed a return management platform to serve as a link between its customers, its team and the warehouse. 

In parallel to what happens behind the scenes, with yayloh, Eytys is able to delight its customers with a digital and fully branded post-purchase experience that keeps them updated on their return in real-time through a return tracking page.

The combination of yayloh return management software, Centra and Ongoing WMS has helped Eytys improve operational efficiency, specifically for the warehouse and customer support team. On top of that, it has helped cut unnecessary costs, be more environmentally conscious and increase customer satisfaction and conversion. 

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Einarsson: 

Sophie Aubard: 

Learn more about yayloh:

Published: 2021-05-05

Scandinavian Cosmetics

Scandinavian Cosmetics consolidates their logistics with Ongoing WMS

Scandinavian Cosmetics increases efficiency using Ongoing WMS and consolidates their logistics to Sweden, where the software service is used.

Ongoing WMS has made our inbound and outbound delivery significantly faster. The integrations with AutoStore and Microsoft Business Central, which we also use, keeps the risk of errors to a minimum as much work becomes automated”, says Johan Fors, Supply Chain Manager at Scandinavian Cosmetics.

Scandinavian Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in sales, marketing, and distribution of well-known brands in the Scandinavian beauty industry. The company is based in Malmö in Sweden and represents over 50 brands within skincare, haircare, make-up, and perfume.

Scandinavian Cosmetics went live with Ongoing WMS, in the early 2021, in connection with the implementation of the warehouse automation solution AutoStore. The European AutoStore partner Element Logic, has made an integration between AutoStore and Ongoing WMS, using Ongoing WMS automation API. One of the reasons Scandinavian Cosmetics choose Ongoing WMS was because of the existing integration.  

Johan continues “Ongoing WMS and AutoStore provides a very efficient solution together. For example, when outbound delivery to customer, AutoStore receives orders from Ongoing WMS that automatically gets picked. The goods are then presented to a warehouse worker who scans the goods, and the order status becomes updated in Ongoing WMS. Then we pack the order and its ready for shipment. This automated workflow allows for an efficient and accurate order fulfillment”.    

Today, Scandinavian Cosmetics has warehouses in Sweden and Denmark. The company wishes to consolidate their warehouse operations by moving all operations to Sweden, where Ongoing WMS and AutoStore is used. The consolidation is in progress and their previous warehouse in Norway has already been transferred.    

Now, when both Ongoing WMS and AutoStore are put to practice in Sweden, we see it as the most beneficial to move all our warehouse operations there. The consolidation will create a cost-effective structure with a high service level”, Johan concludes.  

The increasing popularity of automation solutions like AutoStore is something that Ongoing Warehouse has picked up on and led to the development of an automation API. The Ongoing WMS Automation API enables automation systems to connect themselves to Ongoing WMS.

It is important to us that our customers know that if they want to implement an automation system, Ongoing already has existing integrations. This makes it possible for more companies to use our solutions together without investing in a brand-new integration”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO Ongoing Warehouse.  

Scandinavian Cosmetics is one of the many companies that choose Ongoing WMS combined with an automation system. A powerful automation system together with a market leading WMS seems to be a solution that logistic intensive companies’ highly value.  

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Einarsson:
Johan Fors:

Published: 2021-04-26

bild teknikdelar

Ecommerce success Spares Nordic teams up with Ongoing WMS

Spares Nordic, who runs and, selects Ongoing WMS as warehouse management system. 

”It was a big challenge transitioning to Ongoing WMS just one week before Black Friday. Thanks to the integration possibilities along with great support from Johan at Ongoing, we managed to quickly go live with the system”, says Michel Alshammari, COO at Spares Nordic. saw an overwhelming increase in sales related to Black Friday last November. The Norwegian site increased sales with 385% compared to previous year’s Black Friday. To manage the enormous order volumes, Spares Nordic invested in Ongoing WMS.      

“We were able to see an increase in efficiency that Ongoing WMS added to both inbound- and outbound delivery. The number of orders we fulfilled increased with 20-30%, using the same workforce.”, Michael continues.

“It is great that Ongoing WMS is able to significantly increase efficiency in Spares Nordic´s warehouse operations. In a time were demand for ecommerce is exploding, it is important for online stores to have control over orders and fulfill them efficiently. Ongoing WMS specializes in these two crucial elements and seek to help more online stores with warehouse optimization”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO at Ongoing Warehouse. 

Spares Nordics most successful site sells Mobile & PC spare parts and accessories online. Teknikdelar is market leader in its niche in Scandinavia and aims to further strengthen their market position by expanding to Denmark and Finland.

“With the expansion we aim to offer more people the possibility to repair their broken phones which benefits both the customer and the environment. With Ongoing WMS, we can remain control and efficiency in our warehouse as we grow”, Michel concludes.  

For more information contact:  

Fredrik Einarsson at:

And visit teknikdelar at:

Published: 2021-03-10


Ongoing Warehouse appointed super company

Ongoing Warehouse has been appointed super company by Dun & Bradstreet.

2021-11-24Read full article

Prime Penguin and Ongoing Warehouse partner up to deliver market-leading logistics for in-house warehousing

The seamless integration between Prime Penguin and Ongoing WMS simplifies ecommerce logistics by creating visibility and control in the warehouse operation. 

2021-06-03Read full article

Blue Robot integrates with Ongoing WMS

The Norwegian automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) Blue Robot integrate with Ongoing WMS, using the Ongoing Automation API.

2021-05-06Read full article

Partnership between Ongoing Warehouse and yayloh return management platform

With Ongoing WMS combined with yayloh return management platform, Eytys creates a fuss-free return journey for everyone involved

2021-05-05Read full article

Scandinavian Cosmetics consolidates their logistics with Ongoing WMS

Scandinavian Cosmetics increases efficiency using Ongoing WMS and consolidates their logistics to Sweden, where the software service is used.

2021-04-26Read full article

Ecommerce success Spares Nordic teams up with Ongoing WMS

Spares Nordic, who runs and, selects Ongoing WMS as warehouse management system. 

2021-03-10Read full article

GN Logistics grows with Ongoing WMS

GN Logistics is a 3PL provider and subsidiary to GN Transport. They have been using Ongoing WMS for many years in all their three warehouses located in Halmstad, Stockholm and Luxemburg.    

2021-02-19Read full article

Beyond Nordic gains control over their warehouse operations using Ongoing WMS

Outdoor clothing brand Beyond Nordic gathers control over their warehouse operations and reduces administrative work with Ongoing WMS.

2021-01-25Read full article

Kitch´n extends its collaboration with Ongoing WMS

“With Ongoing WMS we stand well suited for further expansion in Sweden”, Says Petter Grålumstuen, IT & Logistics manager at Kitch´n.  

2020-11-30Read full article

Integration between Ongoing WMS and e-motions

Logistics automation company e-motions has recently made an integration towards Ongoing WMS.

Errors are eliminated and our transportation costs decline since we are able to accurately verify and match package volume metrics to freight invoices”, Says Gustav Jebsen, CEO at 360 Logistics, a Norwegian logistics provider that is using the system combination.   

2020-11-11Read full article

Integration between Ongoing WMS and VersaFleet TMS

Ongoing WMS integrates with Asia’s leading Transport Management Software (TMS) VersaFleet. Both solutions are complementary to each other and the integration between Ongoing WMS & VersaFleet TMS results in a complete end-to-end logistics management solution. The first company to use this integration is a Malaysian cold chain transporter & 3PL, Frostbyte Logistics.

2020-11-04Read full article

Shift Electric Mobility AB streamlines their warehouse operations with Ongoing WMS

New customer Shift Electric Mobility AB (Shift) starts using Ongoing WMS. “The implementation was quick and smooth”.

2020-10-26Read full article

Online store Dear Sam selects Ongoing WMS in order to manage their warehouse operations effectively

Readymade integrations and public API’s make it possible to quickly integrate with Ongoing WMS.

2020-10-21Read full article increases warehouse efficiency with Ongoing WMS

Fast-growing Norwegian online shop starts using Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.

2020-10-06Read full article

Medical supplier Medea Medical selects Ongoing WMS

Medea Medical (Medea) starts using Ongoing WMS to streamline their warehouse- and logistics operations.

2020-10-01Read full article

Danish ERP Tracezilla integrates with Ongoing WMS

Tracezilla, Danish ERP-system for food companies integrates with Ongoing WMS. The integration makes the warehouse operations more effective and traceable when outsourcing to a 3PL, as well as when choosing to handle your own warehousing.

2020-09-24Read full article

Online store selects Ongoing WMS

Fast growing Swedish health online store Greatlife Group AB utilizes Ongoing WMS to optimize their new warehouse operations. The WMS is used to secure fast and accurate deliveries to Greatlife-customers, both B2C and B2B. Seamless integrations were an important factor for the online business when choosing WMS.

2020-09-16Read full article

Indian 3PL-company Shipcenter selects Ongoing WMS as Warehouse Management System

Ongoing Warehouse signs with first Indian customer Shipcenter, a newly started logistics provider.

2020-09-01Read full article

Ongoing Warehouse selected as Direct House WMS supplier

Norwegian logistics provider Direct House selects Ongoing WMS as new warehouse management system for their 4500 m2 warehouse.

2020-08-21Read full article

Finest Foods Germany chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Finest Foods Germany starts working with web-based Ongoing WMS, the systems great range of functions and integrations make an accurate and efficient warehouse management.  

2020-08-07Read full article

Envirozone chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Fast growing Envirozone starts working with Ongoing WMS. The system plays an important role in Envirozones work on continuing improving its logistic services.

2020-07-23Read full article

Online retailer Stonehillparts chooses Ongoing WMS as WMS supplier

Fast growing online retailer Stonehillparts uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency.

2020-07-14Read full article

Scandinavian logistic giant Tempcon selects Ongoing Warehouse as WMS-supplier

Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB is a part of Tempcon Group which is one of the Scandinavian market leaders in 3PL and transport of temperate goods. They were looking for a new, modern warehouse management system and became happy to find Ongoing WMS.

2020-07-02Read full article

The jacket brand Didriksons uses Ongoing WMS to increase warehouse efficiency for their logistics

Fast-growing Didriksons have witnessed increased warehouse efficiency when changing warehouse management systems to Ongoing WMS.

2020-06-30Read full article

Dairy producer Arla Foods Sweden chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS provider

Arla Foods Sweden decided to manage their warehouse operation of commercial goods by themselves instead of outsourcing. Ongoing WMS was the warehouse management system best suited for them. 

2020-06-24Read full article

Sharespine creates integration towards Ongoing Warehouse

Sharespine has a specific integration that connects Ongoing Warehouse with e-commerce systems, marketplaces, ERP systems and POS. The integration automates order- product- and warehouse flows, regardless of if your products are sold in a single webshop or on multiple marketplaces.

2020-06-24Read full article

Fast growing online retailers selects Ongoing WMS as their warehouse management system

The E-commerce industry is rapidly burgeoning. As a result, web shops need to focus in an efficient warehouse operation. Ongoing Warehouse, who with their cloud-based WMS has been dominating the 3PL-market, now offers their system to e-commerce retailers.

2020-06-22Read full article

Finnish marketplace Suppilog introduces sharing economy in logistics

“In Ongoing Warehouse, the main benefits were world-class WMS SaaS-software technology, the already existing logistics customers in Finland and the sole fact that the company was from the Nordics and not from other continents far away. To be able to communicate fast and personally enables a service level that the global service providers in other time zones can't easily offer”, says Harri Eskelin, CEO Supplilog Oy.

2020-01-08Read full article

Danish logistics Gazelle YOYO Global Freight chooses Ongoing as WMS provider

YOYO Global Freight, one of Denmark's top companies in freight and logistics, has recently started using Ongoing Warehouse as their warehouse management system. "Ongoing made it easy for us to choose a WMS provider, the system had what we were looking for”, says Christian Bøgelund Ditlevsen, Corporate Development Manager at YOYO Global Freight.

2019-11-01Read full article

Logisticompany AB uses Ongoing WMS to streamline health care logistics

Logisticompany AB is an independent alternative for transport in Helsingborg, Sweden, who also offers 3PL services. When one of their customers, trading medical and pharmaceutical products, wanted to expand their contract, Logisticompany AB decided to implement the customer in their new warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS.

2019-10-03Read full article

Automating using SaaS WMS

When M3 Logistics wanted to use their warehouse more efficiently and improve the ergonomics for their staff, they chose to invest in two vertical storage lifts from Kardex Remstar. The lifts were integrated with their existing warehouse management system, Ongoing WMS, using Ongoing's automation API.

2019-08-29Read full article

We're launching our new REST API in order to simplify integrations

In order to simplify for customers who wish to integrate their own systems with the Ongoing WMS, we are now launching our new API based on REST.

2019-07-22Read full article

The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing Warehouse for 3PL customers

Companies looking for a 3PL logistics provider contact Ongoing Warehouse with questions about the benefits of outsourcing their warehouse handling to a logistics company using our WMS. We have therefore summarized some pros for you in the text below.

2018-11-19Read full article

Boomerang relies on Ongoing's WMS for continued growth in the eCommerce sector!

”Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth since 2015 and Ongoing Warehouse has contributed to a great extent...", says Jonas Heinonen CEO Boomerang Distribution OU.

2018-11-05Read full article

We're launching our new documentation site

We've collected all of our documentation and put it under one roof, available for everyone. The site contains information about how to get started with the system, how to use scanning, and much more.

2018-09-24Read full article

Norwegian Logistics Provider Accelerator strengthens its position using web-based WMS

Accelerator AS is a 100% Norwegian, owner-lead logistics provider with broad competence in the field of Third Party Logistics (3PL). After using the WMS Ongoing Warehouse for a couple of years, the business has grown considerably.

2018-01-24Read full article

Finnish logistics provider Rahtikeskus Oy has chosen Ongoing

"Both we and our customers are very pleased with the Ongoing WMS. Ongoing is easy to use and the system is very clear and well functioning for third party logistics", says Johannes Knapas, Sales Manager at Rahtikeskus Oy.

2017-10-19Read full article

New - Pick Order Scanning

Pick order scanning is a new feature in Ongoing Warehouse, and is used when picking multiple orders simultaneously (batch picking)

2017-05-18Read full article

RST Logistics choose Ongoing

“We are very pleased with Ongoing and that starting up the system has gone so quickly. Ongoing is easy to use and has all the functions we need to offer our clients cost-effective and optimal storage services", says Richard Sæther, CEO of RST Logistics AS.

2016-11-22Read full article

Intelligent use of WMS helps M3 Logistics to attract customers

"For us it is not enough to have an attractive location in Stockholm with modern safety facilities and skilled staff. Smart IT solutions is an important reason why our customers choose us as their logistic provider", says Robert Dawid, CEO of M3 Logistics. 

2016-09-05Read full article

Ongoing WMS helps Olsson Logistics with their international customers!

“After a thorough analysis of the market for WMS-systems we chose Ongoing Warehouse", says Mathias Olsson, CEO of Olssons Logistics. Read the Press Release. 

2016-08-15Read full article

New customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania!

Ongoing Warehouse increases it´s global presence with new customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania. Growing need for a web-based WMS especially made for the 3PL-business is boosting the interest – for us - new parts of Europe and the Middle East. 

2016-05-03Read full article

Loadmaster renews itself with web-based WMS!

The Norwegian transport- and logistics company Loadmaster AS has deployed a Web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) for its storage business. Loadmaster AS uses Ongoing Warehouse that is Scandinavia's leading WMS for 3PL. 

2016-03-02Read full article

Praise from a customer in Germany

One of our international customers, a big logistics provider in Hagen, Germany, is praising Ongoing Warehouse as a WMS for third party logistics. “We really like the system Ongoing Warehouse and are very happy with the features, services and the support", says the Head of Logistics.

2015-01-30Read full article

Ongoing Warehouse grows in Norway

More and more companies in the 3PL-sector i Norway choose Ongoing as their WMS. Read more about one of our Norwegian customers Colliflow in the Norwegian website "Logistikk og Ledelse"

2015-01-19Read full article

Ongoing Warehouse becomes a “Gazelle”

The software company Ongoing Warehouse – specialized in a web-based Warehouse Management System – has been appointed by the Swedish business paper “Dagens Industri” a Gazelle Company. The appointment “Gazelle” goes to the fastest growing companies in Sweden - companies that are masters at both profitable growth and creating new jobs

2014-10-13Read full article

”Cloudbased WMS generates new business”

Ongoing Warehouse was featured in an appendix about logistics in the leading swedish business newspaper "Dagens Industri" (the article is only available in Swedish).

2012-11-12Read full article

RPG Logistics expands it´s business and invests in new IT-systems

RPG Logistics AB (recently purchased by Ntex), a company providing total solutions within the logistics sector is investing in modern IT-systems to develop their business further.

2012-03-07Read full article

Selector Logistik invests in third party logistics for their E-commerce

The Company Selector Logistik, with extensive experience in logistics management within the demanding B2B marketplace, is strengthening its offering within third-party logistics directed to E-retailers.

2011-11-03Read full article

GP-Last has deployed Ongoing's WMS systems

In February, the transport and logistics company GP-Last AB commissioned a Web-based storage system, also known as a Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems. System supplier is Ongoing Warehouse AB.

2011-11-02Read full article

IT systems for coordinated goods distribution helps reduce environmental impact

The logistics company Scandinavian Supply Chain AB, which are predominantly owned by Alwex Transport AB, has been contracted to coordinate the distribution for Växjö municipality. As IT support, a system from the company Ongoing Warehouse AB, is used.

2011-11-02Read full article

Web based warehouse system generates new business for Roxtrans AB

The logistics company Roxtrans AB has recently deployed a web-based warehouse system, also known as Warehouse Management System (WMS) by the system supplier Ongoing Warehouse AB.

2011-11-01Read full article

Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistik AB deploys Ongoings' WMS system

Veddesta Distribution AB and its subsidiary Multi Logistics AB has started a collaboration with the IT Company Ongoing Warehouse AB. The partnership means that the two logistics companies will be using the Ongoing web-based warehouse management system (known as WMS system) to improve and develop its logistics activities in 3PL and logistics services.

2011-11-01Read full article

Flexibility was vital when Almroths chose WMS system

The growing logistics company Almroths Express & Åkeri AB chooses Ongoing Warehouse as WMS system (Warehouse Management System) to better align its logistics solutions to customers' needs.

2011-11-01Read full article