As a customer you subscribe to Ongoing WMS by paying a monthly fee. All parts of the software are included. Even our extensive integration library and our API.

Subscription fee for warehouse workers and administrators

  • First user 250 €/month
  • Second user 225 €/month (that is 475 €/month in total for two users)
  • Third user 200 €/month (that is 675 €/month in total for three users)
  • Fourth user 175 €/month (that is 850 €/month in total for four users, etc.)
  • Fifth to tenth user 150 €/month and user
  • Eleventh to 20th user 125 €/month and user
  • 21st to 40th user 100 €/month and user
  • 41st and more users 75 €/month and user
A user is a physical person with access to the administration view on a PC or Mac and the mobile warehouse app at the same time.  Please see our list of access levels for details about other types of users.

This is included in the subscription fee

  • Right to use the software
  • All modules of Ongoing WMS
  • The software is delivered as SaaS which means server operations, software licenses, backup, redundancy etc. are included.
  • A continuous stream of updates and new features.

Even integrations and APIs are included

Scales with your seasons

Many warehouses experience large seasonal variation in the workforce. With Ongoing WMS, you pay only for the users you use each month. We measure and bill you at the end of the month. A minimum quantity of one user is always billed. 


If Ongoing WMS is used by a logistics provider (3PL), their customers (the goods owners) can log in and closely follow up on their inventory management. If Ongoing WMS is used by a company with its own warehouse, other employees such as salespeople, customer support, etc., can log in and keep themselves updated about the warehouse's processes without any additional cost.

Services are billed on an hourly basis for 119 €/hour.

Note that the pricing brackets for users in Ongoing WMS are reset per new warehouse site.

For questions or quote please email our sales team.

Ongoing WMS used on a laptop and a mobile phone

Benefits of using Ongoing WMS

No large initial investments or complicated setups—just quick, secure, and efficient warehouse management accessible from anywhere. With user-friendly interfaces, extensive integrations, and robust security measures, Ongoing WMS equips businesses of all sizes to streamline operations and scale effortlessly.

Production and kitting

Production and kitting

Are you performing simple production in the warehouse or are you putting different articles together in kits when picking the order? 

Ongoing WMS has built in support for kit articles in all stages of the warehousing process, from reception to outbound. 

An extensive production order module is also included for consuming inventory and producing items towards inventory.

Inventory & goods management

Inventory and goods management

Ongoing WMS was built from the ground to have complete traceability of your inventory. All transactions are traceable on inventory level with full support for expiry dates, batches and serial numbers. There are also many structured processes to manage your inventory such as inventory tasks and movement orders.