• First user 250 €/month
  • Second user 225 €/month (that is 475 €/month in total for two users)
  • Third user 200 €/month (that is 675 €/month in total for three users)
  • Fourth user 175 €/month (that is 850 €/month in total for four users, etc.)
  • Fifth to tenth user 150 €/month and user
  • Eleventh to 20th user 125 €/month and user
  • 21st and more users 100 €/month and user
Pricing above is per warehouse worker or administrator. Users of Ongoing WMS have different access levels. The monthly price for different access levels differs. Please see our list of access levels for details.

For users with permission level Customer (goods owners) no monthly fee is charged. For user with access level Reseller or Supplier 10 €/month and user is charged. 

Services are billed on an hourly basis for 119 €/hour.

For questions or quote please email our sales team.
OngoingCloud (1)

Cloud-based - Software as a Service

Ongoing Warehouse has since the start back in 2008 been using the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), a service delivered through the "Cloud". This means that Ongoing handles hosting, updates and maintenance. Our customers access Ongoing WMS by browser on regular computers and handheld devices such as smartphones, ipads, etc.


Benefits of using Ongoing WMS



It is quick to get started with the system. Our customers - and their customers and partners - think it's an easy-to-use system that is intuitive and easy to learn. Here are some key usability features: