Benefits of using Ongoing WMS

Ongoing WMS used on a laptop and a mobile phone

Cloud-based WMS

Ongoing WMS is a cloud-based service which means that it is easily accessible anywhere from devices with a browser and network connection. Ongoing WMS is also a Software-as-a-Service which means that no big investment or time-consuming installation is required to get started.

Quick and easy to get started

Why have long and expensive contracts, and then make long and costly deployments? We make it easy for our customers. We charge a monthly fee per user. This includes access rights, new versions and hosting.

The largest range of integrations

Ongoing WMS has many integrations towards E-commerce software, Business Systems (ERP), Transport Management Systems (TMS), delivery management software, and automation systems. Our APIs (REST, SOAP and automation API) make it easy to integrate. Read more about our integrations here.

Easy-to-use and implement

For the software to be used as effectively as possible Ongoing WMS must be easy to learn and use for warehouse staff and other users no matter what device they use. Our software is quick to learn for both new warehouse workers and administrative personnel. Ongoing WMS is intuitive and web-based which is a great advantage.

Modern and flexible WMS

Users can easily access the software no matter their physical location. This brings many advantages for those who have a geographically spread-out business and those that work from home or several offices. Installation and implementation are both fast and cost-effective. 

Standard software, easily adjustable

Our customer’s businesses naturally have their differences. The fact that we provide a highly flexible standardized product makes it possible for us to adjust the software to all our customers individual needs. As an Ongoing customer you can also assure yourself that our product constantly evolves and grows alongside your business.

Ensure the security of your data

Ongoing WMS manages the hosting of the software on its own servers and is responsible for security and performance. This means that you don´t need special expertise to manage security issues, Ongoing will ensure the security of your data.  

Ongoing WMS has a big ecosystem with ready-made integration as well as APIs and webhooks for custom integrations.


To create highly efficient logistics flows, you can connect Ongoing WMS with other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, ecommerce or delivery management systems. The purpose of an integration is to reduce the amount of manual labor, reduce lead times, and reduce the risk of errors. Read more about our integrations here.

Production and kitting

Production and kitting

Are you performing simple production in the warehouse or are you putting different articles together in kits when picking the order? 

Ongoing WMS has built in support for kit articles in all stages of the warehousing process, from reception to outbound. 

An extensive production order module is also included for consuming inventory and producing items towards inventory.