Privacy Policy

Read more about how Ongoing processes personal data.

1 Introduction

Ongoing Warehouse AB ("Ongoing") is a software service provider based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our key offering, Ongoing WMS, is a software service designed to streamline warehouse operations. Ongoing’s services and website are exclusively targeted towards other businesses. We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines our personal data collection and usage policies and confirms your privacy rights.

2 Website owner (data controller)

Ongoing websites are operated and owned by:
Ongoing Warehouse AB, Org. no: 556757-8678

3 Collection and use of personal information

Ongoing will collect/store personal data for:

1) website visitors, prospective customers, existing customers and partners
2) users of the software service Ongoing WMS
3) usage of Ongoing WMS by our customers, see section 3.2
4) prospective employees, current employees and other stakeholders

3.1 For website visitors, prospective customers, existing customers and partners

  • Website Interactions: We collect details such as name, employer name, work address, email, and phone number via our website’s forms to engage and inform you about our services.
  • Email and phone interaction: We may store data when you email us or communicate with us through our support number.
  • Automatic Data Collection: Like most websites, we also gather information such as IP addresses, browser types, and page views to enhance website functionality and user experience. The tool used for this is Google Analytics.
  • From time to time, Ongoing may obtain personal data for prospective customers, from partner companies of Ongoing.

3.2 For usage of Ongoing WMS by our customers

Ongoing WMS is a software service used by companies to expedite customer orders. Pick, pack, print labels or by sending information about an order to another software service or carrier for shipment. To do that the software service needs to process name, address, phone and email addresses to recipients.

In addition, personal data may be collected from other software services that Ongoing WMS has software integrations to. This is done when a customer using Ongoing WMS actively integrates Ongoing with another software service. Normally these services are ERP systems, ecommerce software, return platforms, order management systems and delivery checkout solutions. Personal data can also be transferred to shipping platforms to be able to ship orders. For a comprehensive list of other software services that Ongoing WMS can integrate to, see our integrations pages.

3.3 For users of Ongoing WMS

The software service may contain contact information in the form of email addresses for employees at the warehouse or to the warehouse customers with the purpose of giving support for the service or its integrations. It also stores information about how the service is used and by which users in order to keep an audit log and improve the service.

3.3.1 Third-party logistics warehousing: Ongoing is a sub-processor of personal data

Ongoing WMS can be used by third-party logistics (3PL) companies. Then Ongoing acts as a sub-processor of customer data. In this case Ongoing WMS has no contractual relationship directly with the data controller of recipient personal data. It is up to the 3PL to establish a contract with the personal data controller. Ongoing Warehouse AB signs a standardized data sub-processing agreement with the 3PL.

3.3.2 In-house warehousing: Ongoing is a processor of personal data

Ongoing WMS can also be used by companies operating solely their own warehouses. In this case Ongoing acts as a processor of personal data. Ongoing signs a standardized data processing agreement with the data controller.

3.3.3 Standard agreements by TechSverige

Ongoing’s data processing and data sub-processing agreements are based on standard agreements developed by TechSverige. The agreements cannot be made freely available online due to copyright issues. The customer of Ongoing Warehouse AB must review and sign these agreements to start using Ongoing WMS. Get in touch with us for more details about these agreements.
TechSverige is a member organization for companies of all sizes within the tech sector, that wish to join the largest industry network in Sweden to promote and further develop the tech market and conditions for tech enterprises. They represent about 1 400 member companies that between them have nearly 100 000 employees. You may read more about TechSveriges standard agreements here.

3.3.4 Agreements between Ongoing and our customers

When becoming a customer to Ongoing and to start using Ongoing WMS productively, both parties sign a contract. This contract is primarily based on agreements developed by TechSverige, tailored to meet Ongoing’s specific needs, requirements and obligations to their customers.

3.4 For prospective employees, current employees and other stakeholders

Ongoing continuously recruits new employees and maintains our obligations to existing employees and to all stakeholders.

4 Data storage and sharing

Storage of personal data by Ongoing is divided in to four categories, storage of personal data for:

1) website visitors, prospective customers, existing customers and partners
2) users of the software service Ongoing WMS
3) usage of Ongoing WMS by our customers
4) prospective employees, current employees and other stakeholders

For 1), personal data may be collected when you visit and interact with any of our websites or when recommended by partner companies of Ongoing who recommend you as a prospective customer to Ongoing.

4.1 Location and retention

Data for 1) is primarily stored and processed using a cloud service in EU, but also stored in Sweden.

2) and 3) is primarily stored and processed on servers in Sweden. Backup data is also located on servers in Sweden. A secondary backup uses cloud services from a service provider located in EU.

 Moreover, data from 1) and 2) may also be stored in the systems of any of the following sub-processors of Ongoing: Microsoft 365, Zendesk and Dstny. For storage information of these companies, see

Data from 3) stored in Ongoing WMS is retained for 180 days, unless otherwise adjusted by our customer.

For recruiting purposes and prospective employees from 4) above, the tool Teamtailor is used. The recruiting Privacy Policy can be found here. Data from current employees and other stakeholders is stored and processed as for point 1).

 Ongoing shall retain data as long as the company has a need for its use, or to meet regulatory or contractual requirements. Once data is no longer needed, it shall be securely disposed of. For more information on how Ongoing secures data, see

4.2 Third-party access

Our third-party backup services store your data securely without access to its contents, except for cloud storage and retrieval.

Exclusively in the context of business-to-business sales, Ongoing may occasionally share contact information with Ongoing’s partner companies. This is done to enhance the offerings available to you when purchasing best-of-breed software.

Ongoing will never sell your data to any third parties.

4.3 Third-party systems used by Ongoing to store personal data

Ongoing uses an ERP system to invoice our customers, where personal data such as name may be stored, for the person responsible within the invoiced company.

Ongoing uses a phone system for when we communicate through the phone with our customers or prospective customers. No conversations are recorded.

Additionally, Ongoing uses cloud services for daily operations.

For a full list of sub-processors used by Ongoing, see

5 Your rights

You have rights to access, rectify, delete, or restrict the processing of your data. Please contact us at to be informed on data we process about you, or if you wish for your data to be deleted from our records. When technically feasible, Ongoing will comply with your requests.

6 Children’s data

We do not knowingly attempt to solicit or receive information from children.

7 Changes and contact information

We may update this Privacy Policy periodically to reflect changes in our practices. For any inquiries, or to exercise your data protection rights, please contact us at:
Phone: +46317093070
Address: Sven Hultins plats 5, 412 58 Göteborg, Sweden