Basic Principles of Business Ethics

In the agreements with our customers and with our coworkers we include TechSverige's Basic Principles of Business Ethics. The purpose of the principles is to provide guidelines for the legal, fair, and ethically acceptable manner in which employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders must be treated. By this, we promise to contribute to sustainable development and base our operations on existing international and national agreements and conventions as well as national laws and regulations.

We offer all individuals equal opportunities for employment. We work to promote diversity and counteract all forms of discrimination. Our tool is effective processes for detecting and rectifying any case of discrimination. Through active diversity efforts, we create opportunities for development of our employees, our organisation, and our business. 

A good workplace
Our employees are important to us, and we care about each individual's work situation, health, well-being, and development. We condemn all forms of harassment, internally as well as in interaction with our surroundings. Together with each employee, we shall promote the conditions that create a healthy work-life balance.

Environment & climate
We shall always take environmental aspects into account, manage natural resources, and minimise our footprint, and we work to ensure that our subcontractors do the same. Our goal is for our business to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We want to actively highlight the environmental benefits of our products and services, and thus contribute to the sustainability efforts of our customers. To achieve this, we welcome and encourage initiatives from our employees, customers and partners.

Intellectual property rights and other knowledge-based assets
We shall comply with and respect applicable rules concerning intellectual property rights and other knowledgebased assets.This means that we must always respect the intellectual rights of others and thus produce and deliver our products and/or services without unauthorised use or infringement of the protected rights of others. In addition, we must always respect the knowledge-based assets of others, such as data or trade secrets. We encourage innovation and continuous development with due regard for the rights of owners, developers, and innovators.

Child labour
We do not tolerate child labour or labour performed by anyone through coercion or threat of coercion. Children’s right to education must not be hindered or jeopardised. We are aware that child labour occurs, and we have a long-term ambition to help ensure that no child is forced to work or is used for the financial gain of another party. It is the responsibility of each member company to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that no child labour occurs with any of their subcontractors.

We shall contribute to a society in which there is great trust in companies, entrepreneurship, the market economy, and the rule of law. We work actively with anti-corruption. We strive to promote a high level of ethics in commercial relationships and counteract bribery and other forms of corruption that may affect our business relationships.

Privacy & security
We want to establish and maintain a high level of trust in both our own business and the industry as a whole. We, therefore, safeguard the privacy of users and consumers as well as the privacy of companies and organisations as they use our services and products. This means that we handle information and data about individuals, companies, and organisations with extreme care, and that we work to prevent leaks and dissemination of sensitive information.

Our Data Protection Policy provides information on how we collect and use personal data. We work to increase general awareness of security issues by clarifying the responsibility between parties through contracts, laws, standards, and agreements.

We believe that free-market competition is a prerequisite for growth and development. As a player in the market, we strive for healthy competition and shall adhere to best marketing practices. Our information to customers and the market must always be clear and never deliberately misleading or ambiguous. For collaboration in the industry, we follow the competition law guidelines of TechSverige.