WMS for logistics providers within third-party logistics (3PL or TPL) or order fulfilment


Ongoing WMS started as a product only for Logistic providers and is now the most used cloud service in the niche. This means that the product is architected from the start to support the extended needs a 3PL has. Many features are built specifically with the third-party logistics and fulfillment providers in mind and the features are just as useful for company groups. General features of the WMS are presented here. Here we provide an overview about the features designed for 3PL.

One software solution for multiple warehouse client

A central term in Ongoing WMS is the goods owner. A goods owner is the client of the warehouse. Ongoing WMS is designed with the separation of these goods owners in mind. Access can be provided for a specific goods owner or for a range of them. Goods owners have their own data and can have their own unique configuration or share configuration with other goods owners. Enabling you as a warehouse to adapt after your customer or create economies of scale. 


Warehouse client login

Provide login credentials to the customer for them to follow the work of the warehouse. Eliminate costly e-mail and phone communication. The customer will have their data accessible independent on location and device by using a standard web browser.

3PL economy module in Ongoing WMS helps logistics providers bill their services

3PL economy module

Billing a whole range of customers may be cumbersome. The 3PL Economy module of Ongoing WMS is included free of charge and provides extensive capability to measure and bill your customers for the work you perform in the warehouse. Connect it to your invoicing and accounting system with our pre-built integrations or use the API to fetch data. You may also print invoices specifications for attaching to your invoice manually.

Connect and simplify Logistics with Ongoing WMS

Pre-made integrations and APIs helps to onboard customers

Ongoing WMS has the largest ecosystem of connecting software solutions in the business. This helps you to easily and cost-efficiently onboard your warehouse customers. No more costly integrating projects or working in the clients IT system.
Ongoing WMS has a big ecosystem with ready-made integration as well as APIs and webhooks for custom integrations.


To create highly efficient logistics flows, you can connect Ongoing WMS with other systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, ecommerce or delivery management systems. The purpose of an integration is to reduce the amount of manual labor, reduce lead times, and reduce the risk of errors. Read more about our integrations here.