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Samuel Kjellberg and Fredrik Einarsson are COO and CEO of Ongoing Warehouse.

A hallmark of Ongoing's success is our flat organizational structure, which ensures every customer is paired with a dedicated and personal Software Engineer. This professional acts as the sole point of contact for all company-related inquiries and tasks, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency. While we embrace this approach for day-to-day operations, our management team plays a pivotal role in guiding our strategic vision. Learn more about our leadership and their contributions to our success in the section below.

Fredrik Einarsson - CEO of Ongoing Warehouse.

Fredrik Einarsson, CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Fredrik Einarsson was appointed CEO on the 1st of April 2018 after previously been working as a Consulting Software Engineer and later as the Marketing Director of Ongoing Warehouse. He strongly believes in the company and thinks that the company can bring significant further value to the market.

Fredrik holds a master’s degree in Information Technology from Chalmers University of Technology and a master's degree in Industrial Economics and Management from Blekinge Institute of Technology. He has experience working with industry IT solutions from Norway and the United States before starting to work for Ongoing Warehouse.

Samuel Kjellberg, COO – Chief Operation Officer

Samuel Kjellberg, COO – Chief Operation Officer

Samuel Kjellberg is COO and responsible for the daily work with the existing client stock and co-workers. He has been working at Ongoing Warehouse from an early stage as a start-up to a growth company and has had a significant part in the company’s success.

Samuel holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and has wide experience in warehouse management and logistics.

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Andreas Jönsson, Head of Software Development

Andreas Jönsson is Head of Software Development and is responsible for system development. He joined Ongoing Warehouse in 2015 as a software engineer, onboarding new customers and developing key features.

Andreas has a master's degree in mathematics and previously worked for another software company in the logistics space.

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Henrik Ekman, Database Architect & Founder

Henrik Ekman is the Database Architect at Ongoing and founded the company together with Gerhard Guron in 2008. Henrik is the architect behind the system. Under his leadership the system has been developed step-by-step into the market-leading WMS that it is today. Henrik has profound experience in the warehouse and logistics business as well as in WMS and the adjoining systems Ongoing WMS has integrations with. Henrik holds a master’s degree from Chalmers University of Technology.

Gerhard Guron, Business development & Founder

Gerhard Guron, Business Development & Founder

Gerhard Guron works with business development at Ongoing and founded the company together with Henrik Ekman in 2008. Gerhard is an entrepreneur that has built up various businesses including a workforce company in logistics that was sold to a listed company in 1998. Before Ongoing he worked several years with logistics systems as a manager at a large Swedish software company. Gerhard holds a degree in Economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Karl Henke, Sales Manager at Ongoing

Karl Henke, Sales Manager

Karl Henke, our Sales Manager at Ongoing, plays a pivotal role in highlighting the company's strengths and powerful product solutions to potential clients. With his expertise, he effectively identifies client needs to determine if Ongoing WMS is the optimal solution for them. If so, he then tailors solution proposals for the client that fit within the product's versatile framework.

With a background in the engineering program Information Technology and a Master's in Software Engineering and Technology, Karl possesses a deep technical understanding. He has been building this knowledge since joining Ongoing in 2012, where, for his first nine years, he contributed as a customer-responsible software engineer. This experience has been extremely valuable in his transition to technical sales, where he now plays a key role in strengthening Ongoing's market position.

Daniel Svensson, Head of IT Operations at Ongoing

Daniel Svensson, Head of IT Operations

Daniel Svensson, Head of IT Operations at Ongoing, is responsible for ensuring our clients receive the most optimal experience possible through excellent system performance, reliability, and security when using Ongoing WMS. With a Master of Science in Engineering Physics, he has a strong technical foundation. He joined the Ongoing team in January 2020, initially as a customer-responsible software engineer. Eventually, he transitioned to a more specialized role where he managed the WMS's scanning functionality and assisted in system operations.

This wide range of experience, from software development to technical responsibility for specific functions and system management, has made Daniel a vital asset to Ongoing. He contributes not only with technical expertise but also a deep understanding of customer needs and system usage, which is crucial for maintaining and enhancing the service quality our clients expect.

Ongoing Warehouse' main office location next to Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden

Simplifying and Connecting Logistics

Ongoing Warehouse is a fast-growing, Swedish-based, software company that specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies such as 3PL and those managing their own warehousing. Ongoing Warehouse has a strong international presence with customers in thirty plus countries.