What some of our customers say

Below is a selection of some of the customers and what they think about the service.

Ongoing Warehouse AB has about 350 companies as clients in the Nordic countries, Europe as well as many other countries globally. The customers are both logistics providers (3PL) and companies handling their own warehouseing. Many online stores use the system to streamline their logistics. Below you can read more about what some of the customers say.

Blue Water Shipping

"..makes the cost of new customer implementation much lower than our previous WMS"

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. The company was founded over 40 years ago and has today more than 60 offices worldwide. Ongoing WMS was selected as their warehouse management system in 2020 and is used in six different warehouse sites.   

Company: Blue Water Shipping, Denmark 

Activities:  All types of fulfillment services.  

How the system is used:  Integrations to customers webshops and ERP systems. Scanning is used for in- and outbound delivery. Blue Water Shipping has many types of customers. For the webshop customers, batchpicking is used. For the food customers, expiration date is used and for the fashon customers, the return functions is used. The functions for finance is also used.  

Greatest benefits: "The most important reason why we choose Ongoing WMS was the simple scanning function that we can use on our existing handscanners, but also gives us the option to upgrade to a more modern type of scanner. Ongoing WMS offers great visibility which our customers also enjoys. The many standard integrations combined with good opportunities to establish new integrations between both webshops and ERP systems, make the cost of new customer implementation much lower than our previous WMS".

Contact: Daniel Mortensen, Head of Warehouse & Logistics at Blue Water Shipping, damo@bws.dk


"Flexible WMS. Easy to adjust"

With a total of 122,000 m² of different types of hot and cold storage space Kaukokiito is one of Finland’s largest fulfillment providers. They offer all types of logistic services from transports to storing, picking and packaging, but also further processing such as stock records, transport documents, IT services, dispatch tasks, and of course shipment for the next business day almost everywhere in Finland.

Company: Kaukokiito, Tampere, Finnland

Activities:  All types of fulfillment services

How the system is used:  Integrations through the API. Scanning is used for in- and outbound orders.

Greatest benefits: "The system is easy to integrate to external systems, we use the API to integrate many of our customers ourselves. It’s also a flexible WMS that is easy to adjust to our processes and helps us streamline our order flows".

Contact: Jorma Helin, Jorma.helin@kaukokiito.fi

Landriano Hub

"Manages big international order flows"

Tiesse is one of the biggest companies within the 3PL business in Italy. The company manages about 100 000 square meters of storage area within the country. Tiesse uses Ongoing WMS to manage big international order flows.

CompanyTiesse Spa, Milano, Italien

Activities: National and international transport and logistics.

How the system is used: Tiesse uses Ongoing WMS to manage their warehouses for big multinational companies

Greatest benefits: "With Ongoing WMS we are able to handle all order flows paperless. All phases of the order flows, from inbound to tracking is handled through Ongoing WMS"

ContactGiovanni Buscarini - ​ Project Management & Key Customer Account, giovanni.buscarini@tiessespa.com, +39 02 58009336
W T Transport Ltd

"Great easy to use format"

W T Transport Ltd is a warehouse & transport business based in the UK, providing complete logistics solutions for the Brittish market. W T Transport runs a great amount of goodsowners through Ongoing WMS and has been using the service since early 2019.

Company: W T Transport Ltd, Northampton, England

Activities:  Warehousing & UK Transport Solutions.

How the system is used: Integrations towards goodsowners systems. Order fulfillment. Customers are also able to use Ongoing WMS to check stock balance, order status and much more.

Greatest benefits: "Complete visibility to the customer, picking information is available in real time & a great easy to use format".

Contact: sales@wttransport.com 

Jacsped lager

"Ongoing WMS is built for the future and is the heart of our digitalization"

Jacspeds core businesses is transport by road and warehousing. The company specializes in transportation to and from Scandinavia and has warehouses in the Netherlands and Norway where they act as a logistic provider. 

Company: Jacsped, Norway. 

Activities: Transportation and Warehousing.   

How the system is used: The system is used to efficiently manage the logistics of Jacspeds many customers. Scanning, batchpicking, the finance functions and much more is used. Integrations to customers ERP and Webshops is also used.   

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing WMS has great API and many integration possibilities. Their developers do a very good work, helping us optimize the solution whenever the need arises. Ongoing WMS is built for the future and is the heart of our digitalization. With the system we simplify our, and our customers everyday work".

Contact: Pål Kr. Crosby, Owner of Jacsped - crosby@jacsped.no  


"Easy to use for integrations"

Aditro Logistics is one of the largest 3PL companies in the Nordic countries. The company specializes in various services such as stock management, logistics, supply chain mannagement, etc. Aditro Logistics uses Ongoing WMS at their locations in Jönköping, Borås, Nykvarn and Kopstad (NO). 

Company: Aditro Logistics, Stockholm, Sweden

Activities:  3PL specialized in Retail, Ecom and Grocery flows

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is widely used in Aditro Logistics, primarily to streamline processes within delivery, picking & packing but also for cross-docking, business monitoring and other logistics processes. The system is also used for integration with Aditro Logistics customers and other parts of their business such as automation solutions, delivery- and customs systems, label printing according to GS1 etc.

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS is easy to use for integrations through API and the necessary adjustments can be done quickly. It’s also user-friendly, which speeds up our learning process for the employees".

Contact: Niclas Andersson, Niclas.andersson@aditrologistics.com, +46 702 915188

Accelerator's business facility

"Allows us to be transparent and open to our customers"

Accelerator AS is a privately held Norwegian 3PL company. The company started working with Ongoing Warehouse in 2014. Accelerator uses Ongoing WMS to manage things such as fast-moving consumer goods to food products and large machines. The company offers their services to companies working with B2B as well as B2C.

Company: Accelerator AS, Skjetten, Norway

Activities: Third-party logistics

How the system is used: To simplify and improve the efficiency of logistics and visualize the order processing to their customers.

Greatest benefits: “With ongoing WMS our customers are offered the opportunity to easily access our online inventory management system. This simplifies the overview for our customers which allows us to be transparent and open to our customers as they can track their goods down to order and article level”.

Contact: Martine Dørmænen, Produkt-/logistikkansvarlig

Boomerang Distribution location

"Business concept development for eCommerce fulfillment services"

Boomerang Distribution is a private owned 3PL provider specialized within eCommerce.

Boomerang started to co-operate with Ongoing warehouse in 2015 and have since then implemented more than 100 eCommerce integrations to date ( 2018 )

Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth during the above mentioned period and Ongoing warehouse has contributed to a great extent in standardizing our internal processes and providing a scalable system process to support a very dynamic business environment.

Company: Boomerang Distribution OU, Tallinn, Estonia

Activities: eCommerce Third party logistics provider.

How the system is used: Integrations with eCommerce platforms and customers systems. Integrations with transport/ distribution systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, and much more. Bulk / picking storage replenishment.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations, solutions centric and flexible within a changeable business environment"

Contact:  Jonas Heinonen, CEO, phone: +372 53057799, jonas@boomerang.ee


"Combination of web-based and easy to integrate is great!"

M3 Logistics is a fast growing third party logistics provider in Stockholm. M3 Logistics started using Ongoing Warehouse 2009 and has subsequently increased the usage of the system. Today, the system is used for handling of a large number of demanding customers such as Odd Molly, Hunky Dory and Profoto. 

Company: M3 Logistics

Activities: Logistics Provider in Stockholm

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Serial number, Customers Log-in, etc.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations with customers systems. Flexibility, which means that the system quickly can be adjusted to our customers needs and demands. Customer log-in is also a great benefit"

Contact:  Robert Dawid, CEO, tel: +46 (0)8 410 423 23, robert@m3logistics.se 

Bild teknikdelar

"The number of orders fulfilled increased with 20-30%, using the same workforce.”

Spares Nordic run the successful online stores tekinkdelar.se and spares.se. They sell mobile and PC spare parts online. 

Company: Spares Nordic, Stockholm, Sweden.  

Activities: Ecommerce, mobile and PC spare parts.  

How the system is used: Batchpicking, scanning and integrations. 

Greatest benefits: "
We were able to see an increase in efficiency that Ongoing WMS added to both inbound- and outbound delivery. The number of orders fulfilled increased with 20-30%, using the same workforce”, Michael Alshammari, COO at Spares Nordic. 

ContactMichael Alshammari, COO at Spares Nordic - michel@spares.se

Rune Wright Lia, Colliflow AS

“Usually the time spent between receiving an order until it is picked and sent is just a few minutes”

Colliflow AS is a Norweigan company established in 2013 with expertise in third-party logistics, Colliflow is on a mission to become the best warehousing alternative for small and medium sized ecommerce businesses. 

Company: Colliflow AS, Skien, Norway

Activities: Third party logistics for ecommerce businesses.

How the system is used: To automate and streamline the warehouse management. Via seamless integration with most ERPs and webshop systems the manual labor and time from order to delivery decreases.

Greatest benefit: “Rapidity as well as automated flow of goods and orders. Thanks to the integrations with our customers we are able to pick and deliver very quickly. Usually the time spent between receiving an order until it is picked and sent is just a few minutes".

Contact: Rune Wright Lia, CEO at Colliflow AS

Shipcenter logo

"Easy to use and well developed API"

Shipcenter is a recently established logistics company based in West Bengal, India. The company is an end-to-end logistics provider that aims to improve India’s supply chain ecosystem by effectively storing and distributing goods.

Company: Shipcenter, India 

Activities: 3PL.

How the system is used: pickingbatch, scanning and economy. 

Greatest benefits: ”Ongoing Warehouse documentation site thoroughly describes how the features works. The documentation site greatly complements the excellent support team at Ongoing Warehouse. We are able to read and understand how many of the features work which means that we don’t need as much support from the Ongoing team”

Contact: Gaganjeet Gurjal, Founder at Shipcenter - gaganjeet.gujral@gmail.com



"Better control of our business and more efficient 3PL-operations"

Storex is a family owned 3PL provider with warehouses located in Gothenburg and Stockholm. To get better control and more efficient warehousing, the company switched to Ongoing WMS in 2011. Since then the company has grown rapidly and they use the service extensively for all customers. 

Company:   Storex AB

Activities: Third party logistics provider.

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Integrations with transport / distribution systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, and much more.

Greatest benefits:  "Seamless electronic communication from customers systems, to WMS and further on to transport/distribution"

Contact:  Freddie Gunnarsson, Business Development at Storex AB, tel: +46 (0)705-90 91 33, freddie.gunnarsson@storex.se 

Bild great life

"User-friendly and easy to use API"

Greatlife Group AB sell and distribute food-supplements, vitamins, minerals and other health and wellness products to the Nordic market. The company has grown with success in the past couple of years and has become one of the leading e-commerce companies within their niche. Greatlife Group manages its own warehouse operations using Ongoing WMS.

Company:  Greatlife Group AB

Activities: Selling and distributing food-supplements, vitamins, minerals and other health and wellness products to the Nordic market.

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is used to secure fast and accurate deliveries to Greatlife-customers, both B2C and B2B.

Greatest benefits: ”Ongoing WMS has an open, well documented REST-API on their website that is easy to use. This enables us to make integrations with Ongoing WMS so that the different systems that we use work together efficiently and seamlessly. Helpful and knowledgeable support that fixes all challenges. Adaptable based on our needs and our business".

Contact: Daniel Berglund, Daniel.berglund@greatlife.se


"Extremely easy integration"

Tooorch is a business selling bicycle tires and other accessories online. The company puts a heavy focus on customer satisfaction, which requires fast and accurate deliveries. 

Company: Tooorch ABSaltsjöbaden, Sweden

Activities: eCommerce with focus on Swedish customers

How the system is used: "Ongoing WMS is used as a warehouse systsem from inbound to outbound delivery. Together with Woocommerce and Fortnox we could start up a full-blown and extremely competent system in less than two days from first contact, this includes integrations with 
forwarding agents and payment partners. All important eCommerce flows just works!"

Greatest benefits: "The extremely easy integration was important in the beginning. Now that we are up and running, the competent support is super important. They are able to  adapt the system according to our needs in just a couple minutes". 

Contact: Christoffer Tyrefors, christoffer@tooorch.com.


"Low cost of getting started and great possibilities to increase efficiency"

Logistikkcentralen is one of Norways leading 3PL-providers. They have over 15 years of experience in handling the logistics for e-commerce companies and many big names as their customers. 

Company: Logistikksentralen, Norway. 

Activities: 3PL-provider. 

How the system is used: Integrations to customers webshops and transportsystems. Scanning, customer-login, inbound & outbound delivery.     

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing WMS is a flexible system which is important for us. It did not take any big investment to get started and the system was easy to learn. Also, Ongoing Warehouse is a great company to work with. We get excellent support and Ongoing quickly helps us make changes in the system”, Erik Fuglestad CEO & Owner at Logistkksentralen AS. 

Contact: Erik Fuglestad - eirik.fuglestad@motehus.no


Mekster AB

"Fast and easy to learn & integrate"

Mekster AB is Sweden's fastest growing eCommerce for car parts and car accessories. Regarding the most common car brands, Mekster can guarantee super fast deliveries, while less common car parts are retrieved from their well established European network of suppliers and manufacturers. This results in both cross-docking and own warehousing. 

Company: Mekster ABStockholm, Sweden

Activities: eCommerce with own warehousing and cross-docking

How the system is used: "
Ongoing WMS is used to automate working processes and to make pick & pack, cross-docking and inbound deliveries more efficient. Ongoing is communicating via their open and well-documented API with our purchasing system and eCommerce platform". 

Greatest benefits: "
The support is outstanding and the system enables a good overview of the warehouse in several aspects. It is easy to get started, both in terms of integrations and learning the system. Even FIFO is used in a smooth way. Ongoing has also been helpful in adapting the system for our specific needs. 

Manne Jansson, manne.jansson@mekster.se.

Inselo Logistikk AS

"Our customers notice improved results"

Inselo Logistikk AS is one of Norway's biggest companies within return logistics, testing & repacking. "Ongoing WMS makes all stages of the value chain efficient, both for ecommerce and companies with complex logistic needs. Our customers see improved results with Ongoing WMS, one reason being the large scale of automation and reduction of manual processes". 

Company: Inselo Logistikk AS

Activities:  3PL, transport, return logistics, testing & repacking, reuse & integrations.

How the system is used: "We heavily emphasize integrations, efficient processes and automation". Inselo is delivering integrations to several of Ongoing's customers in the Nordic countries.

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS supports growth without threshold values. Together with Ongoing we can significantly improve customer experience".

Contact: Finn Rønning, fronning@inselo.no, +47 90197202 

Börjes Logistik & Spedition

"Great automation API"

Emotion Logistics AB is a successful European carrier and logistics service provider sprung from Börjes Logistics & Spedition. With their own vehicles, carriers on fixed contracts and strong, well established network of collaborative partners they have the facilities needed for extensive transport assignments.

Company: Emotion Logistics AB, Nybro, Sweden

Activities:  Transports, logistics, TPL and pick and pack. 

How the system is used: "We have over 100 integrations to our customers systems, which has made Ongoing an important part of their supply chains. Most of the integrations are built by us through Ongoing’s open API, and our own system developers also built integrations to the automation API for PDAs and tablets. Ongoing is used for handling most of our order flows".

Greatest benefits: "The stability and uptime are something we value, as well as the open API and how flexible the system is with i.e a goods owner login that our customers enjoy".

Contact: Patrik Fransson, 070 976 40 73, marknad@emotionlogistics.com


"More efficient day to day work"

Beco Lager AS is a norweigan 3PL with a fulfillment warehouse located in Sarpsborg only 45 minutes away from Oslo.

Company: Beco Lager AS, Sarpsborg, Norway

Activities: Fulfillment warehousing for several customers with different product variations.

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is used for order management, inventory control, picking and packing and booking of transport.

Greatest benefits: "The biggest benefit is the standardization. It’s a tool that works for all types of order flows, which makes them more efficient in day to day work. Training new employees is easy, as is onboarding of new customers. FIFO is easily used when needed".

Contact: Roar Olsen, roar@becolager.no, +47 950 36 260

Gustav Jebsen, 360 Logistics AS

"Full control over warehousing"

360 Logistics is a Norweigan technology driven 3PL specialized in handling goods for the retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce companies. Their facilities are centrally located in Oslo and provide secure & effective warehouse services.

Company: 360 Logistics AS, Oslo, Norway

Activities: Third party logistics provider for retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce.

How the system is used: With the help of Ongoing WMS, 360 Logistics are able to provide their customers with full control over their warehousing. "We utilize Ongoing WMS to the maximum extent from handling POs, receipt of goods, inventory management, order handling, pick & pack, and integration to TA systems. Our business is truly paperless".

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS connects us to our customers online stores and accounting systems. Our business is completely paperless and seamless, our order data flows between systems and in this way we ensure a high quality and cost-effective service".

Contact:  Gustav Jebsen, gustav@360logistics.no, +47 48288268, www.360logistics.no


"Flexible WMS, easy to integrate with our customers systems"

Alwex Lager & Logistik AB is part of the Alwex Group and aims to help businesses streamline their logistics flows by offering all kinds of logistics services. The company has over 54 000 square meters of warehouse space as well as cold storage facilities. The company started using Ongoing in 2011 and is now using the system for a large amount of customers. 

Company: Alwex lager & Logistik AB, Sweden

Activities: Third party logistics and cross-docking.

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning for effective handling of food logistics and other goods.

Greatest benefit: Integrations with customers systems. Transport companies connect directly to the storage system and streamline the flow of goods.

Contact: Billy Ydefjäll, CEO, billy.ydefjall@alwex.se


"A key reason to our growth"

VeddestaGruppen is a logistics partner that in addition to warehousing and handling of goods offer services such as administration and transport planning. The company puts a great emphasize on being able to meet their customer's varying needs. Both for eCommerce with pick and pack, as well as terminal handling for logistics. The company became a customer to Ongoing in 2011 and Ongoing has since followed them on their journey of development and growth.

Company: VeddestaGruppen

Activities: 3PL, transport, service logistics and manning. 

How the system is used: "We put a great emphasize on streamlining flows and minimizing unneccesary manual work by integrating with our customer's systems and automating work processes. Scanning via hand-held computers is used for more or less all work, both for inbound and outbound delivery as well as returns and inventory. By being able to scan to picking carts the eCommerce flows have become fast and reliable". 

Greatest benefits: "To have a reliable but still flexible system has been a key reason to our growth. Important to us is that we together with Ongoing WMS can find new ways of thinking in order to challenge our current processes to become even better".

Contact: Christoffer Carlsson, Business control manager, VeddestaGruppen. christoffer@veddestagruppen.se

G-tex AS

"Our company flows smoother since we started using Ongoing WMS"

G-tex is a Norweigan 3PL company located in Spikkestad that specializes in warehousing for clothes, confects and shoes.

Company: G-tex AS

Activities: G-tex re-pack clothes for many of the large agents in Europe and are specialist within their niche in Norway. G-tex also does cross docking direcly from the whole world and puts a great emphasize on eCommerce. 

How the system is usedWe use the system in all parts of our business including pick and pack, transport, economy and statistics. We use integrations towards various platforms, both self-developed and Ongoing's standard configurations. We also have customers who use Ongiong WMS without an integration to any system. 

Greatest benefitsFull overview of our goods, both inbound and outbound. Statistics and transport. Our company flows smoother since we started using Ongoing WMS. 

Contact: Frode Lisether, frode@g-tex.no, +47 452 311 20, +47 328 015 10


"An established WMS with prepared integrations"

Proflog is an operation within Förlagssystem AB with experience of 3PL-services to the publishing industry since 1989. The company has many well-known publishing customers and serve anything from small chains to larger online bookstores. They have a 44 000 square meter warehouse in Falun, Sweden with 250 employees, 57 000 pallet locations and 86 000 picking locations.

Company: Proflog, a part of Förlagssystem AB

Activities: 3PL

How the system is used: Proflog is using Ongoing WMS in their services to eCommerce, B2C and B2B. 

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing Warehouse is an established WMS with prepared integrations to many of our customers eCommerce platforms. With Ongoing WMS we are able to start up fast with new customers and keep on growing within new bransches".

Contact: Peter Thelin, 0706 57 43 34, peter.thelin@forlagssystem.se,
08 657 19 00


"Adjustable to our customers different needs and demands"

Almroths is a family-owned logistics provider with 80 years of experience. The company offers 3PL as well as creative and profitable logistics solutions for their customers. Almroths started using Ongoing WMS in 2011. Today the company runs their large 3PL-operations in the system with a large number of clients and users. 

Company: Almroths Express och Åkeri Aktiebolag, Sweden 

Activities: Transport & Logistics Provider

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, etc. We use the system for all our 3PL-services. 

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS is flexible and easy to adjust to our customers different needs and demands. It is fast and easy for both us and the team at Ongoing to do the changes that are necessary".

Contact:  Emil Swenson, Almroths Express & Åkeri AB, +46 (0)11-368076, emil@almroths.se


"Ongoing WMS has a public and well-developed API that is easy to integrate towards"

Kitch´n is a Norwegian based company that sells kitchen utensils from physical and online stores. Kitch´n uses Ongoing WMS in both their Norwegian and Swedish warehouse. 

Company:  Kitch´n, Norway.

Activities:  Ecommerce, Kitchen utensils.

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is used tp pick and pack more efficient and increase traceability trough scanning. Integrations with webshop, ERP and transport systems are also used.  

Greatest benefits: “Ongoing WMS has a public and well-developed API that is easy to integrate towards. The integration between Ongoing WMS and our web shop, ERP- and transport systems makes our warehouse operation efficient, automated and traceable”

Contact: Petter Grålumstuen, petter@kitchn.no

Shift mobility

"Ongoing WMS increases warehouse transparency”

Shift is Scandinavia’s largest service network within electric vehicles and has a leading market position in their niche. They manage thier own warehouse and selected Ongoing WMS in the summer of year 2020.

Company: Shift Electric Mobility , Jonkoping, Sweden.

Activities: Offers a service network within the electric vehicles industry. 

How the system is used: Integrations, picking & packing, warehouse transparency.

Greatest benefits: Quick to get started, integrations automate much work. 

Contact: Thomas Sabathier - thomas@shiftemobility.com

Klimattransport lager

"The integrations make our warehouse operations run very efficiently"

Tempcon Group is a concern consisting of Swedish transport and logistics companies specialized in temperate goods. Tempcon is one of the Nordic leaders in its niche of temperate transports and warehousing. Two of the companies within Tempcon group have recently started using Ongoing WMS.

Company: Tempcon Group, Sweden

Activities:  3PL & Transport Solutions for temperate goods.

How the system is used: Order fulfillment, picking and packing, scanning and integrations. 

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS has integrations to our customers ERP-systems and web shops. Ongoing WMS also has integration to the transport system Unifaun that we use. The integrations makes our warehouse operation run very efficiently since much administrative work becomes eliminated".

Contact: Mats Söderström, CEO Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB - mats.soderstrom@klimat-transport.se

Skärmbild (79)

"With Ongoing WMS, we stand well suited for a future expansion"

Envirozone is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in Sweden. Envirozone works as a 3PL company but also offer services such as returns management and reconditioning of products.

Company: Envirozone, Sweden

Activities:  3PL, returns management & reconditioning of products.

How the system is used: Order fulfillment, picking and packing, scanning and integrations. 

Greatest benefits:  "For us, choosing a fully SAAS-based system such as Ongoing WMS was self-evident. With many integrations to both ERP-systems and Web-platforms, Ongoing WMS allows us to quickly and smoothly implement new customers"

Contact: Roger Särevall, CEO Envirozone - roger@envirozone.se


"Flexible system that can adapt to suit our needs"

Stonehillparts sells electronic accessories for vehicles on their online shop. The company was founded 2008 and has its base in Stenkullen, near Gothenburg, Sweden. In the past years Stonehillparts has expanded to become one of the Nordic market leaders in its niche.

Company: Stonehill parts, Sweden

Activities:  Ecommerce.

How the system is used: multiple scanners, picking and packing, integrations. 

Greatest benefits: ”Ongoing WMS is a flexible system that can adapt to our needs. It is good that the system is web-based and has great functionality. We also like how the payment for the system is set up. Only our imagination and budget set restrictions of what we can do. It is also great that the possibility to use different scanning functions exist”

Contact: Carl Harling, CEO at Stonehillparts - carl@stonehillparts.se

Direct house logo

"Readymade integrations towards all surrounding systems, saves us a lot of time and money"

Direct House is based in Norway and operates within various logistics areas, but is best known as a successful 3PL provider. The company manages a logistics center of 4500 sqaure meters. Direct House specializes in logistics and warehousing for ecommerce and commercial business.

Company: Direct House, Norway

Activities: 3PL.

How the system is used: customer login, picking & packing, integrations. 

Greatest benefits: ”The system has improved our service towards our customers. For example, Ongoing WMS provides a customer login which allows our customers to keep track of their stock balance in real time, place purchase orders, access important statistics and much more”.

Contact: Alf Michael Akselsen, warehouse manager Direct House - alf@directhouse.no

Finest foods logo

"Since Ongoing WMS is web-based, we could start working with the system right away"

Finest Foods Germany started out by providing services to food retailers in Germany. Now they also provide services such as warehousing and transportation to the food industry in Kurdistan.

Company: Finest Foods Germany, Kurdistan 

Activities: 3PL, warehouseing & transportation of foods.

How the system is used: Expiration dates, picking and scanning. 

Greatest benefits: ”We like that no big investment was required to start working with Ongoing WMS and since the system is web-based, we could start working with the system right away. Ongoing WMS also has a great range of functions that makes our operation run efficiently".

Contact: Hallwest M. Xayat, Business Development Officer at Finest Foods Germany - hallwest@finest-foods-germany.com

Skärmbild (69)

"In general, every work process has become more efficient”

Online retailer Didriksons was founded over a hundred years ago in Grundsund, a small fishing village at the Swedish west coast. Now, Didriksons is one of Scandinavia’s leading brands for outerwear, specializing in jackets for harsh weather conditions. 

Company: Didriksons, Sweden, Borås

Activities: Ecommerce 

How the system is used: "Ongoing WMS is used for picking & packing, managing orders and inbound deliveries. We also use the integrations to our ERP and transportsystem". 

Greatest benefits: ”The implementation of Ongoing WMS was extremely fast. We could basically start working with the system right away. In general, every work process has become more efficient”.

Contact:  Madeleine Törnvall, Head of Supply Chain at Didriksonsmadeleine.tornvall@didriksons.com

Bild PM Arla foods

"Easy to use and contributes to an efficient workflow"

Arla Foods is a company based in Sweden, most known for their milk production in Sweden and Europe. Arla Foods was founded in the end of the 19th century. They started producing and selling milk in Stockholm and has since expanded greatly. In year 2000 they merged with Danish MA Foods and became Arla Foods. 

Company: Arla Foods

Activities: Dairy producer and Commercial operations. 

How the system is used: Integrations with transportsystem. Scanning / barcode, picking batch, etc. Arla uses the system for their commerical warehouse. 

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations are important for us and Ongoing offers the biggest variety of integrations in the WMS market. The service is easy to use and contributes to an efficient workflow in our warehouse".

Contact:  Andreas Nordh, Instore solutions manager at Arla Foods - anord@arlafoods.com.


"A web-based WMS that is very easy to use for both us and our customers"

GP-Last is one of Swedens largest transport companies. Third party logistics is a growing part of their business. The company started using Ongoing WMS in the beginning of 2011.

Company: GP-Last

Activities: Transportation & Third Party Logistics

How the system is used: Integrations with customers systems. Scanning / barcode, Customers Log-in, etc. We use the system for all our 3PL-services. 

Greatest benefits:  "Very easy to use for both us and our customers. Web-based system is a must for us and our customers. Exeptionally quick to get the system going"

Contact:  Catarina Isacsson, sales & Logistics GP-Last


"Increased sales by 100%. Ongoing WMS is our most valuable customer advantage"

Roxtrans is a 3PL business located in Linköping Sweden. They provide customers with focused logistics and warehousing services. Our 3PL business is growing and we rely on Ongoing WMS to give our customers the best service and information possible. To be able to offer a well thought out WMS is probably our most valuable customer advantage. 

Company: Roxtrans AB

Activities: Large warehouse in Linköping.

How the system is used: For warehouse operations and integrations to customers.

Greatest benefits: "Enhanced our offering to customers and increased sales by 100%. Ongoing is our most valuable customer advantage".

Contact: Hasse Gustafsson, CEO, hans@roxtrans.se, +46 708-276175 

DDP Sverige

"The integrations minimize manual work"

DDP Sverige AB is a 3PL company with warehousing in Sweden and Denmark specializing in fulfilment for e-commerce.

Company: DDP Sverige, Sweden

ActivitiesThird-party logistics with a focus on e-commerce providing flexible solutions for e.g. enveloping, printing of marketing materials, repackaging, production etc.

How the system is used:  "We use Ongoing to streamline daily work and minimize manual labor with help from the integrations towards webshops, transport- and ERP-systems. Even the customers without integrations feel great security in the user-friendly customer login that Ongoing WMS provides".

Greatest benefits:  "With the help of Ongoing WMS, we can minimize paperwork and quickly follow up on returns, deliveries and other statistics. The system can be customized to each customer which has been very important, since no order flows are the same".

Contact: Amanda Svenonius, amanda@ddp.as, 072 33 92 112