LogiHub AS (NO): "Customized solutions at competitive prices."

LogiHub AS

LogiHub AS is a third-party logistics service provider (3PL) that offers extensive logistics services for businesses. They boast significant expertise in e-commerce and logistics, and their staff is well-prepared to deliver exceptional results.

Company: LogiHub AS, Norway

Business: 3PL

Why Ongoing WMS?: ”We opted for Ongoing WMS because we required a system with zero downtime and that was capable of managing as many web solutions as possible. It was crucial for us to have support readily available whenever we needed it. We've even received support on Sundays from our Ongoing representative. The potential for scalability was another factor in our decision, making Ongoing WMS the clear choice."

How the product is used:  "Currently, we use Ongoing WMS in two warehouses. It integrates flawlessly with all our existing systems. We've been able to add numerous additional features at a modest price — functionalities that would cost significantly more in other systems are affordably priced with Ongoing. In one of our warehouses, we primarily rely on manual paper-based picking. For the other warehouse, there's a plan in place to integrate Ongoing with AutoStore."

Greatest benefit(s): “The primary benefit of Ongoing WMS is its adaptability, allowing us to customize the system according to our needs. As a 3PL provider, every customer has their unique requirements, making tailored solutions essential. Ongoing excels in offering these customized solutions at competitive prices.”

The collaboration with Ongoing: "We're fortunate to have Måns [Lerjefors] as our contact person. He is consistently exceptional, and always responsive, even on weekends. There have been instances when our clients have made significant errors on a Saturday, and we typically receive a response from Måns within an hour. This level of support provides a sense of security uncomparable elsewhere. Furthermore, he demonstrates a deep understanding of Ongoing and its capabilities."

Contact: Benjamin Lysebo, Warehouse Manager

Published: 2023-09-08