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Technology Partner – Complementing Ongoing WMS with another software product

Developer Partner – Custom development for Ongoing customers

Logistics & Project Management – Helping Ongoing customers manage their implementation projects

Referral Partner – Earns finder's fees by referring customers to Ongoing

Tech partner logos

Technology Partners

Our technology partners are software companies with products that complements Ongoing WMS. Connections to software products are available: built by Ongoing via an external API, built by external companies using Ongoing's API, or by third parties who offer software integrations as a service.

  • Ongoing WMS together with technology partner products makes a complete offering

  • Ongoing has a well documented and up-to-date API to build solutions on

  • Ongoing continuously invests in building and maintaining integrations to market-leading platforms

  • All technology partners are listed on our integrations page

Lars Nilsson at Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin are Technology Partners and Developer Partners

"Ongoing WMS is the perfect technology partner. Not only is their API top-notch and their documentation competent, but their support is first-class. For us that's a key feature, because it means faster turnaround and rapid time to market for our customers when they need to customize their integration."

– Lars J. Nilsson, CTO at Prime Penguin

The Prime Penguin offer
By connecting to Ongoing WMS with Prime Penguin you enable rapid global expansion. Through Prime Penguin, you can route orders between independent logistics partners across 4 continents and 50+ warehouses. Prime Penguin supplements Ongoing WMS's large integration library, can perform custom integrations when needed, and provides a platform with a complementary view of your order flow and inventory when you work with multiple logistics providers.

Developer partners logos

Developer Partners

Our developer partners help Ongoing customers with software development. This can be integrations between systems or custom solutions on top of Ongoings API. Consulting firms with high expertise in software development, ERP systems, e-commerce and/or logistics.

  • Support from Ongoing developers when building solutions for customers  

  • Knowledgeable about Ongoing WMS and the APIs of Ongoing

  • High expertise in software development

William Löf at Devies

Devies are Developer Partners and Logistics & Project Management Partners

"With years of expertise in Ongoing WMS, we have over the years helped many customers realize their flows and businesses through effective integrations between Ongoing WMS and other business systems. We build standard solutions as well as custom integrations based on your needs. Ongoing WMS is a warehouse system that is at the forefront - we help you match your business with this level."

– William Löf, Tech Lead at Devies

The Devies offer
Devies builds integrations both cloud-based and on-premise, with experience in several different business systems and automation systems. They also help you integrate legacy business systems with unique needs. Devies integrate all types of business systems such as ERP, CRM, etc., and even physical automation systems such as self-driving trucks, automated warehouses, and packing machines.

Devies leads you through the logistics project with many years of experience in Ongoing WMS and propose effective solutions. Together with Ongoing, Devies recommend workflows that meet your requirements for efficiency and security towards partners and customers. This, if needed, also becomes a natural part of the integration project.

Systemstöd are developer partners

Systemstöd are Developer Partners and Logistics & Project Management Partners

"We have come into contact with Ongoing in several of our business system projects, both as an internal WMS and as a WMS used by 3PL. In all cases, we have been very satisfied with the integration work and the achieved results."

– Fredrik Jansson, CEO at Systemstöd

The Systemstöd offer
Systemstöd has extensive experience with the ERP systems Jeeves ERP, Sage X3,, and Standard ERP by HansaWorld, and has made numerous integrations from these systems to Ongoing WMS. Systemstöd also offers consulting services within the systems, and surrounding services, as well as within logistics and project management.

Logistics management partners

Logistics & Project Management Partners

Larger customers of Ongoing WMS can need help with project management and the rolling out of Ongoing WMS internally. With high expertise in logistics and IT management, Ongoings affiliated Logistics and Project Management partners can take project management roles for the customer, throughout implementation process.

  • Works closely with account responsible software engineer at Ongoing

  • Expertise in logistics and supply chain

  • Expertise in large projects implementing different IT systems

Proflow are Logistics and project management partners

Proflow are Logistics & Project Management Partners

"The combination of Ongoing’s WMS and Proflow´s expertise and experience in implementing warehouse management systems give customers the best possible conditions for successful roll-outs. Proflow have worked closely with Ongoing for a number of years and together we have a good track record of project management for customers, throughout complex implementation processes."

– Jonas Brick, Senior Customer Advisor at Proflow

The Proflow offer
Proflow are independent logistics consultants. We specialize in developing smart warehouse solutions, supply chain management, and strategic logistics flows for companies with high demand for efficiency and long-term process functionality. With high experience in complex project management, we deliver logistics solutions on demand.  

Referral partners

Referral Partners

Ongoing WMS has a number of referral partners that at times refer customers to Ongoing.

  • Referral partners earn income on their referrals

  • Ongoing is responsible for the sales process  

  • A referral partner cannot be an existing customer of Ongoing

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