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Enter your details in the form and we will provide you with login credentials and schedule a time for consultation and demonstration of Ongoing WMS. Please provide us with a short description  of your company and your requirements on a WMS. This will help us configure your trial system.

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Free trial system and web demo

We want you to be confident in your choice of warehouse management system. With a free trial system, you will know what value Ongoing WMS can bring to your company before you sign up. If you decide to become a customer, we'll upgrade your free trial system to a live account. This means you can start implementing real cases during your test-period.

To get the most out of the free trial we also offer an hour of consultation and demonstration over phone/Skype. It's a good way to quickly get acquainted with how our WMS for 3PL works, what it looks like, what features it has and how it can create value for your business. You also find an online demo here.

Try Ongoing WMS for free