Magnusson & Freij (SE): "New employees are up and running and independent in less than 1 hour."

Magnusson & Freij uses Ongoing WMS.

Magnusson & Freij is an environmentally conscious supplier of consumables, with a store in Mölndal, sales online, and customers across all of Sweden. Their range includes over 15,000 items within office supplies, hygiene and paper towels, cleaning and janitorial services, protective materials, packaging, retail and signage as well as catering, snacks, and coffee.

Company: Magnusson & Freij, Sweden

Business: Supplier of consumables

Why Ongoing WMS?: "Ongoing WMS is a very valuable addition to our business. It facilitates our daily management at the warehouse by ensuring accuracy in the picking processes and gives us increased efficiency and productivity."

Use & Biggest Advantages/Benefits: "The system makes it easy to do right and hard to do wrong. It minimizes the risk of errors and contributes to a better quality of our deliveries. The user interface is very simple and straightforward, making it easy for our employees to become efficient in its use quickly. Previously, we had a walkthrough with new employees and a training process of 3-5 days. Now, they are up and running on their own in less than an hour. Through customized reports and the statistics module, we also get valuable insights that help us improve our processes and identify bottlenecks. Moreover, we are about to integrate Ongoing with other tools and systems we use.

The integration between Ongoing WMS and Jeeves (developed by ZeeU) has been smooth and has really contributed to improving the efficiency of our operations. It creates good interfaces where the same data is available in both systems but is presented in different ways. The integration also includes automatic data synchronization which covers, among other things, order information, customer details, and inventory levels. This means that information updated in one system is automatically available in the other."

Collaboration with Ongoing & ZeeU: "The collaboration between ZeeU and Ongoing has worked really well! Both providers have proven to be responsive and supportive in meeting our specific needs and requirements. Having access to two robust systems that complement each other has allowed us to create a more efficient and dynamic warehouse management and distribution process. ZeeU's expertise in certain areas, together with Ongoing's specialization in warehouse management, has given us a combined solution that covers all our needs. This has also facilitated scalability and flexibility in our operations. For example, we can talk to our consultants about something we want to change, and later that same day or sometimes just after a few hours, the change is in place and operational.“

Contact: Josef Rynmark, IT Manager

Published: 2024-04-17