Inselo (NO): "Our customers notice improved results"

Inselo Logistikk AS

Inselo Logistikk AS is one of Norway's biggest companies in return logistics, testing & repacking. "Ongoing WMS makes all stages of the value chain efficient, both for e-commerce and companies with complex logistic needs. Our customers see improved results with Ongoing WMS, one reason being the large scale of automation and reduction of manual processes". 

Company: Inselo Logistikk AS

Activities:  3PL, transport, return logistics, testing & repacking, reuse & integrations.

How the system is used: "We heavily emphasize integrations, efficient processes, and automation". Inselo is delivering integrations to several of Ongoing's customers in the Nordic countries.

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS supports growth without threshold values. Together with Ongoing we can significantly improve customer experience".

Contact: Finn Rønning

Published: 2020-08-21