Inselo (NO): "Our customers notice improved results"

Inselo Logistikk AS

Inselo Logistikk AS is one of Norway's biggest companies within return logistics, testing & repacking. "Ongoing WMS makes all stages of the value chain efficient, both for ecommerce and companies with complex logistic needs. Our customers see improved results with Ongoing WMS, one reason being the large scale of automation and reduction of manual processes". 

Company: Inselo Logistikk AS

Activities:  3PL, transport, return logistics, testing & repacking, reuse & integrations.

How the system is used: "We heavily emphasize integrations, efficient processes and automation". Inselo is delivering integrations to several of Ongoing's customers in the Nordic countries.

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS supports growth without threshold values. Together with Ongoing we can significantly improve customer experience".

Contact: Finn Rønning,, +47 90197202 

Published: 2020-08-21