Rains (DK): "We have increased our picking performance by 50%."

Rains Uses Ongoing WMS.

Rains is an outerwear lifestyle brand. Its collections blend a conceptual-meets-functional design approach, a strong urban inspiration, and a signature fabric identity. A coated waterproof fabric palette inspired by Rains’ first design – a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rubber raincoat. Rains brings its neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex collections, and consistently surprising curation to consumers across four continents.

Company: Rains, Denmark

Business: Outerwear fashion online and in-store

Why Ongoing WMS?: "Rains did not have a WMS and was exploring and researching the market for suitable platforms capable of meeting the specific needs and demands of Rains' processes. Ongoing WMS stood out for several reasons, including great support and transparency during the demo meetings. From an early stage, Ongoing was able to match our demands of required WMS functionalities. Besides that, the WMS has proven to offer a user-friendly frontend, proper location control and monitoring, an easy replenishment process, intuitive menus for both desktop and scanner applications, an API interface, RFID compatibility, fast integration possibilities, the potential for automation integrations, and an affordable pricing model per user, and much more.

We at Rains have gone to the next level in executing our warehouse handling, and are now able to meet the demands of the business in general but more importantly able to support the overall strategic business growth for the future."

How the product is used: "Ongoing WMS is being used to manage our warehouse activities on multiple warehouse sites, domestic and international."

The biggest advantages/benefits: "Here are some of the biggest benefits listed:

  • In general, we have gained more security and transparent data quality in our work
  • Securing correct stock and transparency of the stock
  • It’s a cloud-based platform
  • The API is very intuitive
  • Increased picking performance by 50%
  • Reduction of staff cost – approx. 25%"

The cooperation with Ongoing: "The Cooperation with our Customer-responsible Software Engineer Jakob [Nilsson] has truly been an experience. The collaboration with Jakob has been very professional and fast in finding solutions and solving issues. The whole project planning and execution from Jakob has been a very pleasant journey. We are getting the best support and prompt reaction from Jakob and he has been a very big part of the successful implementation for Rains."

Contact: Christopher Jarrov, Head of Supply Chain

Published: 2024-02-01