Mekster (SE): "Fast and easy to learn & integrate"

Mekster AB

Mekster AB is Sweden's fastest growing eCommerce for car parts and car accessories. Regarding the most common car brands, Mekster can guarantee super fast deliveries, while less common car parts are retrieved from their well established European network of suppliers and manufacturers. This results in both cross-docking and own warehousing. 

Company: Mekster AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Activities: eCommerce with own warehousing and cross-docking

How the system is used: "Ongoing WMS is used to automate working processes and to make pick & pack, cross-docking and inbound deliveries more efficient. Ongoing is communicating via their open and well-documented API with our purchasing system and eCommerce platform". 

Greatest benefits: "The support is outstanding and the system enables a good overview of the warehouse in several aspects. It is easy to get started, both in terms of integrations and learning the system. Even FIFO is used in a smooth way. Ongoing has also been helpful in adapting the system for our specific needs. 

Contact: Manne Jansson,

Published: 2020-08-24