ReuseIT (SE): "We have experienced a 3-4h/day reduction in our order & inventory management."

ReuseIT uses Ongoing WMS

ReuseIT Sweden AB sells and buys new & used IT equipment. They conduct committed quality and environmental work, where consideration for the environment is fundamental to everything that happens within our operation. The basic idea in the work is to reuse as much as possible of the IT equipment they handle, with the goal of being the obvious choice for environmentally friendly and secure services & products on the Nordic market. Their customers are located in Sweden, the Nordic countries, and Europe, and their offices are situated in Gothenburg and Växjö, and their warehouse and production in Växjö.

Company: ReuseIT, Gothenburg & Växjö

Business Activities:
Buying & selling used/new IT equipment

Why Ongoing WMS? "We opted for Ongoing WMS because we needed a system that guarantees zero downtime and can accommodate a wide range of web solutions. Accessibility to support was also crucial; we've even received assistance on Sundays from our Ongoing representative. The system's scalability was another key factor in our decision, making Ongoing the obvious choice."

How the Product is Used: "We employ Ongoing WMS for comprehensive order and inventory management. The system is fully integrated with the Fortnox Business System and nShifts Delivery Management. We've also linked it to our custom production system through Ongoing's versatile API connections."

Biggest Advantages: "One of the most significant benefits since implementing Ongoing WMS is gaining full control over our entire inventory, resulting in a 3-4 hour reduction in daily handling time for orders and inventory management. The system's straightforward, customizable, and user-friendly interfaces have also been a huge plus, giving us clear insights into material inflows and outflows, which greatly simplifies our day-to-day operations."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "Our collaboration with our dedicated customer manager at Ongoing has been extremely effective, marked by quick responses and action times. Whenever feasible, new, customized features have been implemented to our great satisfaction."

Additional Comments: "We highly recommend Ongoing WMS to anyone seeking a robust, flexible, and user-friendly Warehouse Management System for their business."

Contact: Pierre Bågenholm, Operations Manager

Published: 2023-10-23