DDP (SE): "The integrations minimize manual work"

DDP Sverige

DDP Sverige AB is a 3PL company with warehousing in Sweden and Denmark specializing in fulfilment for e-commerce.

Company: DDP Sverige, Sweden

ActivitiesThird-party logistics with a focus on e-commerce providing flexible solutions for e.g. enveloping, printing of marketing materials, repackaging, production etc.

How the system is used:  "We use Ongoing to streamline daily work and minimize manual labor with help from the integrations towards webshops, transport- and ERP-systems. Even the customers without integrations feel great security in the user-friendly customer login that Ongoing WMS provides".

Greatest benefits:  "With the help of Ongoing WMS, we can minimize paperwork and quickly follow up on returns, deliveries and other statistics. The system can be customized to each customer which has been very important, since no order flows are the same".

Contact: Amanda Svenonius

Published: 2019-03-07