Maya Delorez (SE): "Our warehouse and logistics management has significantly improved."

Maya Delorez uses Ongoing

Maya Delorez is a Swedish brand with a clear ambition: they want to offer a unique range of high-quality training clothes for active riders. Maya Delorez design riding clothes as riding clothes should be designed. Their products are sold around the globe via their webshop.

Company: Maya Delorez, Sweden

Business: Equestrian clothing via eCommerce

Why Ongoing WMS?: "It was the right time for us to acquire a proper system where we could have an overview of our entire warehouse and the logistics. We wanted a smooth and simple system and felt that Ongoing could meet our requirements and wishes.

Before the implementation of Ongoing, we conducted all processes manually. Order packing was based on printed paper packing slips, and we ourselves looked for boxes in the warehouse. Warehouse management involved manual handling of inventory balances, and each shipping label was printed individually."

How the Product is Used: "We use it daily for all our warehouse management, which primarily includes packing orders, handling deliveries, returns, and inventory. We have implemented Centra and nShift, and the different systems work excellently together. We rarely encounter any problems, but if we do, they are quickly resolved. This applies to the entire process, from placing an order on our website to printing the shipping label. The smooth flow via the integrations allows us to handle each step efficiently and without problems."

The Biggest Advantages/Benefits: "The biggest advantage is that all our information is gathered in one place, which increases accessibility and saves time. Automation of processes reduces the risk of errors. In addition, the overall controllability to quickly identify and resolve problems as well as to make informed decisions based on real-time data." 

Collaboration with Ongoing: "We have experienced the collaboration as smooth with quick and efficient solutions. There are never any problems, and the communication is straightforward and clear."

Additional Comments: "Ongoing has fantastic features that make all handling processes simpler and more efficient. In particular, our warehouse and logistics management has significantly improved with this system."

Contact: Maja Törnblom, Warehouse & Logistics Managent

Published: 2024-03-07