Kaukokiito (FI): "Flexible WMS. Easy to adjust"


With a total of 122,000 m² of different types of warm and cold storage space Kaukokiito is one of Finland’s largest fulfillment providers. They offer all types of logistic services from transports to storing, picking and packaging, but also further processing such as stock records, transport documents, IT services, dispatch tasks, and of course shipment for the next business day almost everywhere in Finland.

Company: Kaukokiito, Tampere, Finnland

Activities:  All types of fulfillment services

How the system is used:  Integrations through the API. Scanning is used for in and outbound orders.

Greatest benefits: "The system is easy to integrate with external systems, we use the API to integrate many of our customers ourselves. It’s also a flexible WMS that is easy to adjust to our processes and helps us streamline our order flows".

Contact: Mikko Niininen

Published: 2019-03-14