Alwex (SE): "Flexible WMS, easy to integrate with our customers systems"


Alwex Lager & Logistik AB is part of the Alwex Group and aims to help businesses streamline their logistics flows by offering all kinds of logistics services. The company has over 54 000 square meters of warehouse space as well as cold storage facilities. The company started using Ongoing in 2011 and is now using the system for a large amount of customers. 

Company: Alwex lager & Logistik AB, Sweden

Activities: Third party logistics and cross-docking.

How the system is used: Integrations with customers' systems. Scanning for effective handling of food logistics and other goods.

Greatest benefit: Integrations with customers' systems. Transport companies connect directly to the storage system and streamline the flow of goods.

Contact: Peter Sunesson, Business Area Manager

Published: 2016-09-13