Moory (SE): "All important eCommerce flows just work!"


Moory is a business selling boat accessories online. The company puts a heavy focus on customer satisfaction, which requires fast and accurate deliveries.

Company: Moory Nautics AB, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Activities: eCommerce with focus on Swedish customers

How the system is used: "Ongoing WMS is used as a warehouse system from inbound to outbound delivery. Together with Woocommerce and Fortnox, we could start up a full-blown and extremely competent system in less than two days from first contact, this including integrations with forwarding agents and payment partners. All important eCommerce flows just works!"

Greatest benefits: "The extremely easy integration was important in the beginning. Now that we are up and running, the competent support is super important. They are able to  adapt the system according to our needs in just minutes". 

Contact: Christoffer Tyrefors,

Published: 2022-08-09