HL Display (EU): "We have gained a much better workflow and significantly increased our productivity"

HL display products

HL is a global supplier of products and solutions that help retailers and brands to create attractive and profitable in-store environments that strengthen the consumer’s shopping experience. We offer products that help brands and stores sell more, inspire their customers, free up staff through automation, and minimize waste of both food and packaging.

Company: HL Display, Europe

Activities: Product display & communication in in-store environments

How Ongoing WMS is used: "We use Ongoing WMS at our 3 biggest warehouses in Europe. Ongoing WMS is integrated with our ERP system and is used for all warehouse management tasks such as picking and packing of orders, stock movement, goods receiving, picking and receiving of production orders, and stock-taking. Ongoing WMS is used on PCs, handheld computers, and scanners depending on the task."

Greatest benefits: "We first noticed that our inbound team rapidly became much more efficient. In addition, our team has themselves expressed what a great tool they find Ongoing WMS to be. Since the onboarding and fine-tuning of Ongoing WMS as well as our internal routines, we have seen increased productivity in the warehouse. We have now gained a much better workflow and significantly increased our productivity. Ongoing is a software system that is easy to work with and understand, fast to learn, flexible, and possible to adapt to the business."

Contact: Ida Modigh, Logistic Manager

Published: 2023-03-10