Emotion Logistics (SE): "Great automation API"

Börjes Logistik & Spedition

Emotion Logistics AB is a successful European carrier and logistics service provider sprung from Börjes Logistics & Spedition. With their own vehicles, carriers on fixed contracts, and a strong, well-established network of collaborative partners they have the facilities needed for extensive transport assignments.

Company: Emotion Logistics AB, Nybro, Sweden

Activities:  Transports, logistics, TPL and pick and pack. 

How the system is used: "We have over 100 integrations to our customer's systems, which has made Ongoing an important part of their supply chains. Most of the integrations are built by us through Ongoing’s open API, and our own system developers also built integrations for the automation API for PDAs and tablets. Ongoing is used for handling most of our order flows".

Greatest benefits: "The stability and uptime are something we value, as well as the open API and how flexible the system is with i.e a goods owner login that our customers enjoy".

Contact: Patrik Fransson

Published: 2019-03-13