Jacsped (NO): "Ongoing WMS is built for the future and is the heart of our digitalization"

Jacsped lager

Jacsped's core business is transport by road and warehousing. The company specializes in transportation to and from Scandinavia and has warehouses in the Netherlands and Norway where they act as a logistic provider. 

Company: Jacsped, Norway. 

Activities: Transportation and Warehousing.   

How the system is used: The system is used to efficiently manage the logistics of Jacsped's many customers. Scanning, batch picking, finance functions, and much more are used. Integrations to customers' ERP and Webshops are also used.   

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing WMS has great API and many integration possibilities. Their developers do a very good job, helping us optimize the solution whenever the need arises. Ongoing WMS is built for the future and is the heart of our digitalization. With the system, we simplify our, and our customers' everyday work".

Contact: Pål Kr. Crosby, Owner of Jacsped

Published: 2021-04-13