Boxflow (SE): ”Low thresholds to get started”

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Boxflow offers services within third-party logistics, staffing, and logistics consulting targeted toward developing businesses.

Company: Boxflow, Sweden

Activities:  Third-party logistics, staffing, and logistics consulting

How Ongoing WMS is used: "Our logistics sites use Ongoing WMS for our warehouse operations. We have customers with large seasonal variations and with different types of goods and packaging, both palleted and picked by piece. We continuously work with optimizations and improvements, both on our own and together with Ongoing."

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing WMS suits Boxflow’s business model very well with low thresholds to get started and with simplicity in the daily work. There is also the possibility to adapt and scale the service as needed. Other benefits are the simple and standardized integrations with many different types of systems, both with the systems of our customers, but also with our own."

Contact: Fredrik Flenger, CIO Boxflow AB

Published: 2022-11-07