CHIMI (SE): "Delivery reliability has increased which in turn facilitates our customer service"

CHIMI eyewear

CHIMI is a Swedish eyewear brand that designs and produces sunglasses, optical glasses, clothing, and accessories.

Company: CHIMI, Sweden

Activities: Sales and distribution of eyewear, clothing, and accessories through e-commerce and physical stores

How Ongoing WMS is used: "We use Ongoing for all warehouse functions at our central warehouse. We scan all incoming and outgoing products that are in our inventory using handheld devices."

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing has helped us become much more efficient in both picking and packing. Delivery reliability has also increased, which in turn facilitates our customer service. In addition, Ongoing is a user-friendly system that is easy to learn which is useful when recruiting new staff."

Contact: Philip Westerdahl, Operations Manager

Published: 2023-05-04