Didriksons (SE): "In general, every work process has become more efficient”

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The jacket producer Didriksons was founded over a hundred years ago in Grundsund, a small fishing village by the Swedish west coast. Since its start, Didrikson has remained true to its original basic concept - producing functional garments that keep its customers dry whatever the weather. And perhaps that is why they, to this day, remain one of Scandinavia’s leading brands for jackets.

Company: Didriksons, Sweden

Activities: E-commerce & distribution of self-produced jackets

How the system is used: "Ongoing WMS is used for picking & packing, managing orders and inbound deliveries. We also use the integrations to our ERP, transportation system, and customs warehouse system."

Greatest benefits: ”The implementation of Ongoing WMS was extremely fast. We could basically start working with the system right away. In general, every work process has become more efficient and we can basically make all settings ourselves.”

Contact:  Madeleine Törnvall, Head of Supply Chain at Didriksons

Press release

Published: 2020-06-25