Royal Design (SE): "It became a strength to have direct contact with a customer-responsible software engineer."

Royal Design Uses Ongoing WMS

Royal Design offers Sweden's largest selection of home decor, furniture, and design with a range of over 50,000 products. Since its founding in Kalmar in 1999, Royal Design has undergone significant growth and has established itself in several countries.

Company: Royal Design, Sweden

Business: Design & home decor

Why Ongoing WMS?: "For a long time, we only used the warehouse system intended for our AutoStore. We felt a need to evaluate and upgrade the system, especially when it came down to the handling of larger products such as sofas and tables. When we got in touch with Ongoing, we also were looking at other systems in parallel, where Ongoing met our requirements."

How the product is used: "Ongoing WMS is smoothly integrated with AutoStore and its WMS. With the system, we can also efficiently manage the regular warehouse operations and consolidate orders between Autostore and regular picking.

The biggest advantages/benefits: "We look a lot at data from Ongoing WMS and continuously achieve efficiencies at the warehouse based on this. For example, we have a much better track of the articles' path through the warehouse now than before. We work much more efficiently linked to many improvements that mean we do not need as much staff on site as before. Many processes that we have carried out have also been put in an automated standard that helps us further focus on the customer experience and constantly keep the customer promise in focus."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "I am satisfied with Ongoing WMS and the development and support we have received so far. There are many efficiencies we have been able to achieve in operations because of the system change. Furthermore, it is also always nice to collaborate with individuals who one immediately recognizes as competent within their fields and very engaged in understanding the process. This is the response we have received whenever new development needs have occurred along the way, I've noticed.

At first, we were a bit worried that we would only have one dedicated person at Ongoing to have our dialogue with during the implementation. But quite quickly, we realized that it instead became a strength to have direct contact with a software developer where we always got quick and competent responses to our many questions. I am very satisfied with the personal service regarding the development and the daily cooperation with Ongoing!”

Contact: Jimmy Rothberg, Head of Logistics / Site Manager

Published: 2024-03-04