Logpart (SE): "We always receive quick responses and suggestions for solutions."

Logpart använder Ongoing WMS.

Logpart is a 3PL provider that specializes in customized third-party logistics with a strong focus on customer value. They are the slightly smaller, customer-oriented, and complete provider of warehousing, picking, packing, and logistics.

Company: Logpart, Sweden

Business: 3PL

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We wanted a smooth and simple system that suited our operations. We felt that Ongoing could really meet our requirements and wishes."

How the Product is Used: Ongoing WMS is used daily for most things related to our operation. We manage all our customers' order flows via Ongoing WMS, both inbound and outbound deliveries. We have integrated all our customers, our shipping platform, and even some other systems to Ongoing WM to achieve a solution as smooth as possible."

The Biggest Advantages/Benefits: “We have seen clear improvements in our warehouse management and efficiency, much thanks to Ongoing's excellent support and customizable system with support for multiple automated processes and a wide range of integrations. This has enabled us to handle larger volumes, streamline our processes, and improve the customer experience with faster deliveries.”

Collaboration with Ongoing: "Great! We always receive quick responses and suggestions for solutions."

Contact: Niklas Augustinsson, IT Manager

Published: 2024-04-03