3PLogistiikka (FI): "Ongoing has the best ecosystem of readymade integrations."

3PLogistiikka uses Ongoing WMS

3PL Group excels in fulfillment services for import, commerce, and eCommerce and has its own warehouse facilities in nine locations. Altogether, 3PL employs over 100 warehouse workers across Finland and Estonia. It stands as the fastest-growing logistics operator in the commerce and eCom sectors in Finland, attributed to an outstanding customer experience and successful acquisitions of logistics operations. 3PL is committed to collaboratively sharing data with goods owners to enhance the quality and efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Company: 3PLogistiikka, Finland

Business Activities:

Why Ongoing WMS? "3PL has former experience with numerous warehouse management systems and chose Ongoing WMS after extensively comparing different systems. Of the compared systems Ongoing had the best ecosystem of readymade integrations and is a reliable true cloud-based software."

How the Product is Used: "Ongoing is used at workstations, handheld devices, and tablets. We are currently investing in picking automation which is integrated with Ongoing."

Biggest Advantages: "The biggest benefits with Ongoing on the warehouse floor is the great compatibility with different devices. Handling eCom campaigns with Ongoing order tools improves warehouse efficiency significantly."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "Co-operation with a dedicated Account Managing Software Developer is fast and straightforward."

Contact: Jussi Örn, CEO

Published: 2023-10-30