Rebolet (DE): "Ongoing WMS serves as the backbone of our entire operations."

Rebolet re-commerce

Rebolet is currently on a mission to rescue one billion items from destruction, making re-commerce accessible to any online retailer. They achieve this by reselling used goods, thereby extending the lifespan of products, and reducing waste.

Company: Rebolet, Germany

Business: Re-commerce

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We chose Ongoing WMS because it was almost the only WMS that promised all the features and adjustments we needed. We also prefer to work with companies from Europe to support our local development. It was a win-win situation. Communication with Ongoing is always a bliss. Even when we approach them with a huge feature list on a Friday evening, we receive friendly and humorous responses. This is something we truly appreciate."

How the product is used: "It serves as the backbone of our entire operations. We run our warehouse solely on Ongoing and have adjusted it perfectly to suit our needs. From checking items in, storing them in the right places, to preparing and sending out our orders, nearly everything is managed by Ongoing." 

Greatest benefit(s): “The greatest benefit is surely the flexibility. In the re-commerce field, it was quite challenging to find a system that suited our needs, and it required a lengthy evaluation process. However, with the highly customizable WMS from Ongoing, we finally found something we could tailor to our requirements. Alongside Frida [Eriksson, Customer responsible software engineer], we have developed this system exactly into the one we wanted and needed, and we continue to implement changes at a rapid pace.”

Contact: Alessandro Bartsch, Head of Engineering

Published: 2023-06-05