Aditro fmr VeddestaGruppen (SE): "A key reason to our growth"


VeddestaGruppen has now merged and becomes one with Aditro Logistics. They became a customer of Ongoing in 2011 and Ongoing has since followed them on their journey of development and growth. Since the acquisition by Aditro Logistics, they have continued to use the product. They are a logistics partner that, in addition to warehousing and handling of goods, offers services such as administration and transport planning. The company puts great emphasis on being able to meet their customers’ varying needs, both for e-commerce with pick and pack as well as terminal handling for logistics.

Company: Aditro Logistics, former VeddestaGruppen

Activities: 3PL, transport, service logistics, and manning. 

How the system is used: "We put a great emphasis on streamlining flows and minimizing unnecessary manual work by integrating with our customer's systems and automating work processes. Scanning via hand-held computers is used for more or less all work, both for inbound and outbound delivery as well as returns and inventory. By being able to scan to picking carts the eCommerce flows have become fast and reliable". 

Greatest benefits: "To have a reliable but still flexible system has been a key reason for our growth. Important to us is that we together with Ongoing WMS can find new ways of thinking in order to challenge our current processes to become even better".

Contact: Christoffer Carlsson, Site Manager

Published: 2020-08-24