Proflog (SE): "An established WMS with prepared integrations"


Proflog is an operation within Förlagssystem AB with experience in 3PL services since 1989. The company has many well-known publishing customers and serves anything from small chains to larger online bookstores. They have a 44 000 square meter warehouse in Falun, Sweden with 250 employees, 57 000 pallet locations, and 86 000 picking locations.

Company: Proflog, a part of Förlagssystem AB

Activities: 3PL

How the system is used: Proflog is using Ongoing WMS in their services to eCommerce, B2C, and B2B. 

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing Warehouse is an established WMS with prepared integrations to many of our customers' eCommerce platforms. With Ongoing WMS we are able to start up fast with new customers and keep on growing within new branches".

Published: 2020-08-24