M3 Logistics (SE): "Combination of web-based and easy to integrate is great!"


M3 Logistics is a fast growing third party logistics provider in Stockholm. M3 Logistics started using Ongoing Warehouse 2009 and has subsequently increased the usage of the system. Today, the system is used for handling of a large number of demanding customers such as Odd Molly, Hunky Dory and Profoto. 

Company: M3 Logistics

Activities: Logistics Provider in Stockholm

How the system is used: Integrations with customers' systems. Scanning/barcode, Serial number, Customers Log-in, etc.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations with customers systems. Flexibility, which means that the system quickly can be adjusted to our customers' needs and demands. Customer log-in is also a great benefit"

Contact:  Robert Dawid, CEO

Published: 2016-09-14