Fulfilly (EE): "The software engineers always find ways to make the system even better."

Fulfilly uses Ongoing WMS.

Fulfilly is a 3PL provider located in Estonia that provides comprehensive fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses, mainly covering the Baltic, but also ships all over the world. Their offerings include storage, inventory management, order processing, packaging, shipping, and returns handling.

Company: Fulfilly, Estonia

Business: 3PL

Why Ongoing WMS?: “Fulfilly went with Ongoing WMS due to the system’s capacity. It was crucial for us that the system could provide all necessary integrations and maintain a logical warehouse system.”

How the Product is Used: “We use Ongoing WMS daily together with all the webshop-, shipping- and customs integrations as well as e-mail notifications integrations. And of course, we also use it for our picking, packing, and scanning processes.”

The Biggest Advantages/Benefits: “Using Ongoing WMS makes it much easier to integrate with various webshops and shipping providers. The Ongoing support team responds very quickly to any issues, saving us a lot of time and money. The picking and packing module also allows us to operate much faster than before. In addition, Ongoing WMS’ scanner for picking and packing enables us to pick and pack much faster than we did before.”

Collaboration with Ongoing: “Ongoing's software engineers are very professional and helpful. They do not only fix problems – they always find ways to make the system even better.”

The onboarding process: “As expected, we encountered a few challenges in the beginning due to Ongoing WMS’  extensive capacity – it is a very efficient system which also comes with a lot of complexity and therefore, we did not understand everything at first. But since the documentation is very comprehensive and the support excellent, everything fell into place quickly.”

Contact: Janek Žurba, CEO

Published: 2024-07-01