360 Logistics (NO): "Full control over warehousing"

Gustav Jebsen, 360 Logistics AS

360 Logistics is a Norweigan technology driven 3PL specialized in handling goods for the retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce companies. Their facilities are centrally located in Oslo and provide secure & effective warehouse services.

Company: 360 Logistics AS, Oslo, Norway

Activities: Third party logistics provider for retailers, wholesale distributors and e-commerce.

How the system is used: With the help of Ongoing WMS, 360 Logistics are able to provide their customers with full control over their warehousing. "We utilize Ongoing WMS to the maximum extent from handling POs, receipt of goods, inventory management, order handling, pick & pack, and integration to TA systems. Our business is truly paperless".

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS connects us to our customers online stores and accounting systems. Our business is completely paperless and seamless, our order data flows between systems and in this way we ensure a high quality and cost-effective service".

Contact:  Gustav Jebsen, gustav@360logistics.no, +47 48288268, www.360logistics.no

Published: 2018-11-30