Accelerator (NO): "Allows us to be transparent and open to our customers"

Accelerator's business facility

Accelerator AS is a privately held Norwegian 3PL company. The company started working with Ongoing Warehouse in 2014. Accelerator uses Ongoing WMS to manage things such as fast-moving consumer goods to food products and large machines. The company offers their services to companies working with B2B as well as B2C.

Company: Accelerator AS, Skjetten, Norway

Activities: Third-party logistics

How the system is used: To simplify and improve the efficiency of logistics and visualize the order processing to their customers.

Greatest benefits: “With ongoing WMS our customers are offered the opportunity to easily access our online inventory management system. This simplifies the overview for our customers which allows us to be transparent and open to our customers as they can track their goods down to order and article level”.

Contact: Martine Dørmænen, Produkt-/logistikkansvarlig

Published: 2018-01-24