Logistik 27 (SE): "We have clearly saved considerable amounts."

Logistik 27 uses Ongoing WMS
Logistik 27 is a logistics center and an independent company wholly owned by NRI Group, strategically located in Tranemo, Sweden, next to road 27. Their philosophy is to always put the employee at the center to provide their customers with the best possible service. They have a flat organization where an idea can quickly be put into production whether it concerns efficiency or pure customer benefit.

Company: Logistics 27, Sweden

Business: 3PL

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We chose Ongoing because it is easy to work with and the development possibilities are almost endless. Moreover, the toolbox covers everything we need."

How the product is used: "Ongoing WMS is the heart of our entire operation."

The biggest advantages/benefits: "Savings have been made in development linked to nShift, where we have made significant savings by leveraging our carriers' strengths. We made a saving of about 250,000 SEK in one year by changing a setting in our rulebook. It's hard to say in general what we've saved, but it's clearly significant amounts."

The cooperation with Ongoing: "The cooperation with our contact and developer at Ongoing Andreas [Jönsson] has been the best part of all. Quick actions and a great understanding of what we want to achieve. In addition, very pleasant staff who respond quickly, are incredibly knowledgeable, and have a tremendous understanding of what we want the end result of our cases to be."

Contact: Magnus Rosèn, Transport Coordinator

Published: 2024-02-01