Vätterleden Logistik (SE): "Adding a feature to the system is only a phone call away"

Vätterleden's warehouse

Vätterleden Logistik AB is a third-party logistics provider (3PL) owned by Vätterleden Handel and Industri AB. The business was founded in Kungsbacka in 2017 and simultaneously took over the warehouse operations for three other warehouses within the same group. In 2020, they moved to new premises in Landvetter, and currently handle the logistics for 25 customers.

Company: Vätterleden Logistik AB, Sweden

Business: 3PL

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We previously worked with an older WMS. We realized that we needed a more flexible system because of o great need to integrate more customers with different types of business systems, and that's where we saw that Ongoing had these capabilities. The fact that Ongoing is also cloud-based was another factor that was right, as the accessibility to the system is very good via various devices. The feature where our customers can have login access to see the status of their inventory and orders in real time was something we missed in our previous system."

How the product is used: "We use it as a WMS system in our warehouse where we are currently connected to over 25 customers, for inbound deliveries, picking and packing, inventory, and warehousing. We make full use of Ongoing and constantly learn new features that help us in our daily work. The same goes for our customers – they can now easily log in via their computer or mobile device to track their orders and see what has been shipped and what has arrived at the warehouse."

Greatest benefit(s): "Since the system is cloud-based, it is easily accessible. But the greatest benefit is the quick support that is always available and accommodating. The system is easy to customize to our specific needs, which we consider a significant advantage! If we need to add a function or something similar to the system, it is usually resolved quickly and just a phone call away."

The collaboration with Ongoing: "Fantastic support from day one. Quick response to questions, never any problems when we need help, whether it's a small setting or a larger project for integrating a new customer, etc. There are solutions to everything, and I have to highlight the Ongoing support as the best support we have ever encountered during our years in business."

Contact: Roger Johansson, CEO & Marcus Taube, System Administrator

Published: 2023-05-23