InterEast (EU): "We wanted to improve our service quality and ensure fast and safe deliveries"

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InterEast has been offering sustainable and high-quality transport solutions globally since 1992. They excel in logistics and transportation to and from Eastern Europe and Asia and have offices in Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Gothenburg. With innovation, growth, and sustainability as their foundation, InterEast strives to revolutionize the logistics industry.

Company: InterEast Transport AB, Europe

Activities: Logistics & Transportation

How Ongoing WMS is used: "In 2022, we implemented Ongoing's solutions in our Romanian warehouse to improve our service quality and ensure fast and safe deliveries. Combining Ongoing's scanning module with handheld devices facilitates our picking and packing management, which has reduced the manual work."

Greatest benefits: "We always strive to develop and improve our services and the overall customer experience. In the fast-moving world we live in, the demand for fast handling and response times is increasing - an area where Ongoing's system has been a great solution. The threshold to get started was low, and there was no need for long training periods for staff. It was easy to adapt to the business, and we look forward to building and developing our business further with Ongoing."

Contact: Christopher Busck, Head of Brand

Published: 2023-04-17