G-tex (NO): "Our company flows smoother since we started using Ongoing WMS"

G-tex AS

G-tex is a Norweigan 3PL company located in Spikkestad that specializes in warehousing for clothes, confects and shoes.

Company: G-tex AS

Activities: G-tex re-pack clothes for many of the large agents in Europe and are specialist within their niche in Norway. G-tex also does cross docking direcly from the whole world and puts a great emphasize on eCommerce. 

How the system is usedWe use the system in all parts of our business including pick and pack, transport, economy and statistics. We use integrations towards various platforms, both self-developed and Ongoing's standard configurations. We also have customers who use Ongiong WMS without an integration to any system. 

Greatest benefitsFull overview of our goods, both inbound and outbound. Statistics and transport. Our company flows smoother since we started using Ongoing WMS. 

Contact: Frode Lisether, frode@g-tex.no, +47 452 311 20, +47 328 015 10

Published: 2020-08-21