Beco Lager (NO): "More efficient day to day work"


Beco Lager AS is a Norweigan 3PL with a fulfillment warehouse located in Sarpsborg only 45 minutes away from Oslo.

Company: Beco Lager AS, Sarpsborg, Norway

Activities: Fulfillment warehousing for several customers with different product variations.

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is used for order management, inventory control, picking and packing, and booking of transport.

Greatest benefits: "The biggest benefit is the standardization. It’s a tool that works for all types of order flows, which makes them more efficient in day-to-day work. Training new employees is easy, as is the onboarding of new customers. FIFO is easily used when needed".

Contact: Roar Olsen

Published: 2019-03-29