Aditro (SE): "Easy to use for integrations"


Aditro Logistics is one of the largest 3PL companies in the Nordic countries. The company specializes in various services such as stock management, logistics, supply chain management, etc. Aditro Logistics uses Ongoing WMS at their locations in Jönköping, Borås, Nykvarn, and Kopstad (NO). 

Company: Aditro Logistics, Stockholm, Sweden

Activities:  3PL specialized in Retail, Ecom, and Grocery flows

How the system is used: Ongoing WMS is widely used in Aditro Logistics, primarily to streamline processes within delivery, picking & packing but also for cross-docking, business monitoring, and other logistics processes. The system is also used for integration with Aditro Logistics customers and other parts of their business such as automation solutions, delivery- and customs systems, label printing according to GS1, etc.

Greatest benefits:  "Ongoing WMS is easy to use for integrations through API and the necessary adjustments can be done quickly. It’s also user-friendly, which speeds up our learning process for the employees".

Contact: Niclas Andersson

Published: 2019-03-15