ZOO.se (SE): "Ongoing WMS is among the best I've seen."

ZOO.se is revolutionizing pet retail

ZOO.se is a brand part of the Pet Pawr Group AB and operates a number of stores in Sweden and an e-commerce warehouse in Kungsängen which currently delivers to Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Their assortment is the largest in Sweden within pet products, everything for dogs, cats, small animals, cages, fish, aquariums, food, and accessories. They also act to some extent as a central warehouse for their stores ranging from Göteborg to Haparanda.

Company: ZOO.se, Sweden

Business: E-commerce specializing in pet products

Why Ongoing WMS?: "We used to work without a WMS  and operated directly in our ERP system. The ERP had been heavily adapted to have certain functions that a WMS also provides, which worked fine when the company was very small. But we eventually outgrew it and needed a proper WMS." – Jost Beermann, Warehouse Manager

"ZOO.se has grown significantly over the past few years, and in 2022 we reached a point where we saw more bottlenecks than opportunities with the technical platform we were using. With the ZOO 2.0 project, our goal was to change large parts of our systems to enable continued growth, with Ongoing being a key cornerstone for efficient warehouse management. Ongoing WMS matched our needs well, and it was also well-known by those working in our warehouses." – Andreas Harju, CTO

How the product is used: "We use quite a few functions. We work with hand scanners, where we've been able to adapt both functions and appearance. We have been able to map out the entire warehouse with picking and storage locations (buffer) which are defined in different categories just as we need. For consumables, we also use reorder points for the items. We are also very grateful for the dashboards, which greatly facilitate keeping track of production and incoming orders. A really nice WMS, which can also be adjusted exactly as one needs." – Jost Beermann, Warehouse Manager

"Ongoing is a crucial part of about 20 underlying systems where the connection primarily exists to the business system (ERP) and transport management system (TMS)." – Andreas Harju, CTO

The main benefit(s): "We have very good control over flows, balances, and production. That's the biggest advantage. After the implementation phase, we were able to increase productivity by about 15% compared to before. We are thrilled with the system. I have worked in logistics for about 18 years with some WMSs and other warehouse management systems, and Ongoing WMS is among the best I've seen. Incredibly adaptable to the business needs." – Jost Beermann, Warehouse Manager

The collaboration with Ongoing: "Our contact person Jesper [Jönsson] is awesome, a true professional. Short lead times, sensible suggestions if we don't know what we want but explain a challenge we face. Good counter-suggestions when we think we know what we want. He can often also tell what other programs Ongoing interacts with need to do for an integration to work."  – Jost Beermann, Warehouse Manager

"The collaboration has exceeded all expectations both in the project phase where integration layers were built but especially in operation where they have proven to be a stable and reliable solution come rain or shine. A key factor in the success story is Jesper, who has been attentive throughout the implementation and made adjustments to meet our need to have as efficient a process as possible. Jesper has also, on several occasions, trained and coached our employees to use the system correctly and get the most value from the functionality offered." – Andreas Harju, CTO

Contact: Jost Beermann, Warehouse Manager & Andreas Harju, CTO

Published: 2023-10-11