Logistikksentralen (NO): "Low cost of getting started and great possibilities to increase efficiency"


Logistikksentralen is one of Norway's leading 3PL-providers. They have over 15 years of experience in handling the logistics for e-commerce companies and many big names as their customers. 

Company: Logistikksentralen, Norway. 

Activities: 3PL-provider. 

How the system is used: Integrations to customers' webshops and transport systems. Scanning, customer login, inbound & outbound delivery.     

Greatest benefits: "Ongoing WMS is a flexible system which is important for us. It did not take any big investment to get started and the system was easy to learn. Also, Ongoing Warehouse is a great company to work with. We get excellent support and Ongoing quickly helps us make changes in the system”, Erik Fuglestad CEO & Owner at Logistkksentralen AS. 

Contact: Eirik Fuglestad


Published: 2021-04-01