Fotbutiken (SE): "Compared to before, we can now be several hundred percent more efficient."

Fotbutiken uses Ongoing WMS

Fotbutiken is an e-commerce company that primarily sells foot care products and self-care products to individuals in several countries, both in the Nordics and the rest of Europe. They have their own brands but are also retailers of certain brands. Their warehouse and office are located in Helsingborg, where about 15 employees work. The company has been around since 2018 and has quickly grown to a turnover of just over 100 million SEK.

Company: Fotbutiken, Sweden

Business: Foot care products via e-commerce

Why Ongoing WMS?: "As the company grew, we soon felt that we needed a warehouse management system that could help us organize our products and streamline the processes of packing and picking. We evaluated several different systems and also tried to create our own, simple WMS. When we after some time came in contact with Ongoing and got to try the system, we quickly felt that it was a system that fit our operations like a glove."

How the Product is Used: "We use Ongoing to streamline our workflow in the warehouse. Partly by getting a better overview of which goods we have in stock, but also by streamlining the packing and picking processes. We have connections between Ongoing and our partners both within delivery and to our e-commerce platform."

The Biggest Advantages/Benefits: "Compared to before, when we had no system, we can now be several hundred percent more efficient. Especially when it comes to the work of picking goods from the warehouse shelf. Instead of walking back and forth in the warehouse aisles and picking one order at a time, Ongoing enables us to only make one round to pick, for example, 20 customer orders."

Collaboration with Ongoing: "The collaboration with our customer-responsible software engineer has worked well. Jakob [Nilsson] is responsive to our problems and most things can be customized to our specific challenges. We are satisfied with Jakob and the rest of the team at Ongoing."

Contact: Sameh Alhashish, Operations Manager

Published: 2024-03-28