Boomerang (EE): "Business concept development for eCommerce fulfillment services"

Boomerang Distribution location

Boomerang Distribution is a privately owned 3PL provider specializing in eCommerce.

Boomerang started to cooperate with Ongoing warehouse in 2015 and has since then implemented more than 100 eCommerce integrations to date ( 2018 )

Boomerang has enjoyed exceptional growth during the above-mentioned period and Ongoing has contributed to a great extent in standardizing our internal processes and providing a scalable system process to support a very dynamic business environment.

Company: Boomerang Distribution OU, Tallinn, Estonia

Activities: eCommerce Third-party logistics provider.

How the system is used: Integrations with eCommerce platforms and customer systems. Integrations with transport/ distribution systems. Scanning/barcode, Customers Log-in, and much more. Bulk/picking storage replenishment.

Greatest benefits:  "Integrations, solutions centric and flexible within a changeable business environment"

Contact:  Jonas Heinonen, CEO

Published: 2018-10-24